Vinnie Jones : Too Hard For CPR?

Anyone who has been watching TV lately will no doubt of seen the advert featuring Vinnie Jones linked to Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Hard man Vinnie has been doing some first aid behind the scenes, and it has no doubt appealed to many people who have no prior knowledge of the subject.

The advert is set in a gangster’s hideout where a non breathing body is thrown across the floor. Vinnie is quick to act and explains the method of delivering “Hands Only CPR”. The idea is that you don’t have to worry about blowing oxygen into someone’s lungs instead you immediately begin artificially pumping the heart.

The British Heart Foundation has created an exciting ad that has certainly got people talking. Controversy comes in the form of the 1000’s of First Aid Courses that instruct us to perform full CPR. There is no doubt that Vinnie’s chest compressions can be a life saver, but what about the body’s requirement for a constant stream of Oxygen? Vinnie Goes on to say that there “should be no kissing as you only kiss your missus on the lips”

It’s worth noting that if you are first aid trained and want to blow oxygen into someone’s lungs then do not hesitate. CPR is all about artificially moving air into a casualty’s lungs and then pumping it around the body via chest compressions. Visit for my details.

One day you could be called upon to touch the lips of your best mate, work colleague or Golfing Partner.

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