Medique 73901 Standard Trauma First Aid Kit

Medique 73901 Standard Trauma First Aid Kit. Kit contains Medi-Wash eyewash 4oz (1 ea.), Antiseptic towelettes -XL (20 ct.), Medi-Wash eyewash, 16oz (1 ea.), Alcohol prep pads (50 ct.), BurnAid dressing 4-inch X 4-inch (1 ea.), Tri-Cut adhesive tape, 5-yards (1 ea.), 7/8-inch X 3-inch Heavy weight woven strips (50 ct.), 2-inch X 3-inch Heavy weight woven patch (25 ct.), 4-inch X 4-inch Sterile gauze pads (10 ct.), Bloodstopper compress 9-inch X 5-inch (1 ea.), Co-Wrap bandage 3-inch (1 ea.), Triangular bandage, non-sterile (1 ea.), 4-inch Stretch gauze roll, non-sterile (1 ea.), 2-inch stretch gauze roll, non-sterile (1 ea.), Latex gloves (2 pr.), EMT utility scissors 7-inch (1 ea.), Lister bandage scissors 5-1/2-inch (1 ea.), Kit tweezers, stainless steel (1 ea.), Ice pack, small boxed (1 ea.), CPR mask (1 ea.), Silver rescue blanket 52-inch X 84-inch (1 ea.), ABD sterile pad 8-inch X 10-inch (2 ea.) and ABD sterile pad 5-inch X 9-inch (2 ea.). You will find Medibucks in large size Medique products in different denominations. Collect these and redeem for gift certificates!

Price: $120.32

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