Road Safety and the First Aid Warehouse

The British Red Cross's ‘Don't be a Bystander' road safety campaign run in partnership with Toyota taught an amazing 259,000 young people life-saving first aid skills. The campaign proved to be such a great success that the car manufacturer has pledged £100,000 per year to fund further road safety first aid campaigns. First Aid Warehouse, the leading online supplier of first aid kits boasts a comprehensive range of motoring first aid kits specially designed for providing road side first aid.
The availability of basic first aid can be the difference between life and death after a road accident.

According to the Red Cross, the provision of basic life support at the road side could prevent 85% of preventable pre-hospital hospital deaths from road accidents. The Don't be a Bystander campaign is going a long way towards tackling the lack of knowledge of life saving first aid techniques in young people, they have already taught over 250,000 young people these skills and reached another 500,000 plus with road safety and first aid messages. The increase in general knowledge of first aid techniques is a fabulous benefit to every single person in the UK , and it could be argued that everybody should be taught these basic skills. Perhaps every private vehicle should have to carry a first aid kit. At present, only certain new private vehicles are sold equipped with first aid kits as there is no legal requirement in the UK for cars to carry car first aid kits.

Should a vehicle owner / driver have the desire to carry a vehicle first aid kit in their car or bike, purchasing a suitable first aid kit is easy. They can be purchased from a range of places but First Aid Warehouse, the UK 's premier supplier of first aid items and accessories, stock a range of motorist specific first aid kits that can be browsed and purchased online. Ordering online is secure and easy and purchases are delivered direct to the door. This Press Release is brought to you by First Aid Warehouse, UK's premier supplier of the omron m7 blood pressure monitor as well as medical equipment, car first aid kit, blood pressure monitors , medical plasters, medical furniture, burnshield dressings and stethoscopes.

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