Traffic Light Food Labelling and High Blood Pressure

Stop, look and listen; the new Traffic Light food labelling system helps shoppers to make better informed, healthier choices when shopping.  First Aid Warehouse makes it easier to purchase a range of other health and wellness products such as vitamins, supplements and blood pressure monitors all from the comfort of your own home.

The Traffic Light food labelling system which is being adopted by a number of leading food manufacturers and retailers is a welcome addition to a lot of conscious shoppers, especially sufferers of high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can be treated, and even prevented by making simple but important changes to lifestyle, such as eating a healthier diet and exercising more regularly.  People who are aware of their condition are likely to have made such changes to the way they live, and it’s possible that they may even monitor their blood pressure at home as well as visiting their doctors surgeries for scheduled check ups. 

First Aid Warehouse are the premier online supplier of blood pressure monitors and offer excellent prices with secure online ordering and delivery direct to the door. Their recently increased product range now also includes a considerable range of vitamins, minerals and health supplements, which includes omega rich fish oils which are also good for promoting a healthier heart and body.

Keeping your heart healthy and lowering your blood pressure is easy with First Aid Warehouse.  Apart from their offering of vitamins, supplements and of leading BHS validated blood pressure monitors, First Aid warehouse also supply a range of products that could go a long way towards combating high blood pressure including step counters, body fat monitors and smoking cessation products.

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