First Aid Kits Now Available at Egan Medical

Egan Medical Equipment and Supply is happy to announce that First Aid Kits are now available for purchase directly through the company's website and online store. The 183 piece kits contain a wide variety of medical supplies to help in the event of any number of different types of emergency situation.

As any emergency medical technician can attest, when faced with a medical emergency, preparation can often mean the difference between life and death. The same applies to injuries and emergencies of a less severe nature. Often times, the severity of an injury or wound can be exacerbated by a lack of preparedness, and vice versa. The severity of any number of injuries and wounds such as cuts, gashes, abrasions and scrapes can often be minimized with a little preparation followed by fast action once the injury has occurred.

Often times, by simply taking the necessary steps to prevent an infection (or at the very least reduce the probability of an infection occurring), the person suffering the injury can be spared a great deal of misery, and the healing time required can be greatly reduced.

First Aid Kits are exactly the sort of thing many people don't even think about until they need one. That said, Egan Medical has decided to offer the kits, which retail for over $30, for just $18.90 as part of an ongoing effort to help educate the public about emergency preparedness. One major part of emergency preparedness has to do with having a first aid kit present, and that fact is not lost on Egan Medical, hence the promotion.

The kit contains a wide assortment of various medical supplies sufficient to treat minor injuries, cuts, scratches, scrapes, insect bites, stings from plants (such as poison ivy, oak and sumac), splinters and other minor injuries not requiring hospitalization or an immediate trip to the emergency room. In the event a serious injury does occur, call 911 or seek emergency medical assistance immediately. The 183 Piece First Aid Kit from Egan Medical is not intended to serve as a standalone treatment for moderate or severe injuries or any medical emergency.

Some of the items contained within the kit are as follows:

- Adhesive Bandages of varying sizes and styles
- Knuckle Bandages
- Fingertip Bandages
- Eye Pads
- Triangular Bandages
- Gauze Pads of varying sizes and styles
- Rolls of Gauze in several different sizes and styles
- Gauze Trauma Pads
- Alcohol Prep Pads
- Antiseptic Towelettes
- Cotton Swabs
- Adhesive Taps
- Finger Splints
- Elastic Bandages
- Instant Cold Packs
- First Aid Cream (aka: Burn Cream)
- Insect Bite & Sting Relief Pads
- Tweezers
- Vinyl Exam Gloves
- CPR Barrier
- Air Filtration Mask
- Disposable Splinter Removers (aka: Lancets)

The above items come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and quantities. The First Aid Kit also includes a handy First Aid Guide (instructions for use), and comes complete inside of a reusable red case with a mountable wall bracket.

In all, the 183 Piece First Aid Kit from Egan Medical is ideal for family vacations, camping trips, outdoors adventures (such as hunting and fishing), children's sporting events, school playgrounds, summer camps and more. It is small and easily transportable, yet packs a big punch in terms of its First Aid capabilities, providing a whopping total of 183 items designed to apply first aid to hundreds of different injuries, wounds and minor medical emergencies for which a doctor or hospital is not immediately available.

For any serious medical emergency, please call 911, and/or see that the person sustaining the injury, wound or insect bite be taken to a doctor or hospital at the first possible opportunity. This kit is not designed to serve as a replacement for the emergency room in the event of a moderate-to-severe injury or medical emergency.

Egan Medical is a retail vendor of durable medical equipment, medical supplies, orthopedic braces and supports, compression socks/stockings, mobility equipment and bathroom safety equipment. Egan Medical is a subsidiary of Egan Healthcare Services, Inc.

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