The Red Cross Launches a New Education Programme in Cambridgeshire

The Red Cross has launched a bold new education programme across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk intended to reach 10,000 school students with vital first aid messages.  The programme is proving to be such a success that they are already planning a similar education programme for 2009. The increase in general knowledge of first aid techniques amongst young people is a fabulous benefit to every single person in the UK, and it could be argued that everybody should be taught these basic skills within the school curriculum.  Having the knowledge and appropriate first aid kit can make an amazing difference in an emergency situation, and can be quite simply, the difference between life and death.

Alex Fraser, the Operations Director of Red Cross Norfolk said “We wanted to do something big and bold that would inspire lots of young people to think about first aid, and the idea just evolved from there.  We’ve got a great presentation, which was mainly put together by our younger staff and volunteers, so it feels really fresh and exciting.” A good first aider needs a good first aid kit .  Kits can be purchased from a range of places but First Aid Warehouse, the UK’s premier supplier of first aid kits, items and accessories, and they stock a varied range of first aid kits that can be browsed and purchased online.  Ordering online is secure and easy and purchases are delivered direct to the door.  First Aid Warehouse is also the UK’s leading supplier of blood pressure monitors , diagnostic equipment and medical supplies to consumers and professions alike.

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