survey of patients in Casualty over Christmas

December can bring with it a host of potential hazards. Accidents are more frequent when there are lots of people in the house, more cooking utensils to deal with and more toys to trip over.

According to a survey of patients in Casualty over Christmas, most accidents are caused by falling down stairs followed by bed related incidents and kitchen knives. Wires trailing across the floor create tripping hazards, so be sure to run it somewhere out of the way.
Burn injuries are quite common, the temperatures drop fires and candles start to burn and with that, house fires and burn injuries become more common.  Other main fire and burn hazards during winter are Christmas lights and decorations which account for a significant amount of burn injuries. House fires contribute greatly to the amount of burn injuries sustained and to the amount of house fires.  

With the cold and bad weather conditions which can make it difficult to go about normal, everyday activities. Accidents can happen very easily through the winter months and as with any other time of the year, it is important to be aware, be prepared and to know what to do should an accident occur. All kind of incidents can happen during the winter months and it is a traditionally busy time for accident and emergency departments.  A&E Departments tend to find themselves under increased pressure at this time of year as icy pavements and roads mean more people get injured and of course the cold and flu does its rounds and many people suffer with respiratory problems

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