Understanding the Links between High Blood Pressure and Chronic Conditions

2009’s World Kidney Day has been organised in conjunction with World Hypertension Day 2009 which will be held on May 17th.  World kidney day aims to create awareness of kidney disease and related conditions, especially high blood pressure.  The two conditions often tend to come hand in hand with one in three high blood pressure sufferers over the age of 50 having some degree of kidney disease.

It has been identified that chronic, non-communicable diseases in particular cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney disease now pose a greater risk to public health than communicable diseases.  Deaths claimed by infectious diseases will decline by 3% over the next decade but in marked contrast, chronic diseases (which already account for 72%) of the total global burden of disease in people over 30, will increase by 17%.[1]

High blood pressure is a significant risk factor in chronic kidney disease.  It can contribute to the development of CKD and can even be the independent cause of the condition.  The treatment of high blood pressure has become the most important intervention in the management of all forms of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

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