SE MZ101B Helping Hands with Magnifying Glass

Quality helping hands with solid heavy duty cast iron base, great for soldering and working with small items. Useful tool for electrician, engineers, jewelers and more. Helping hand comes with 2-1/2-Inch glass lens magnifier and 2 alligator clips mounted on 4 way swivels.

Price: $9.99

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MEDBASICS Gives 350 New Moms A Life-Saving Gift To Stop The Anxiety

On May 19th, more than 300 NYC-based parents, invited parental experts, industry press/VIPS, top mommy bloggers, and leading baby and child product/service providers will participate in The Mommybites Summit- "The Ultimate Moms' Night Out". Moms and expecting mothers will have the opportunity to shop, socialize and learn from parenting experts.  These moms will also have the opportunity to take some of that expert knowledge home with them. This year, MEDBASICS®, LLC is donating 350 Baby MEDBASICS®, books to the Mommybites Summit.

"'It is our pleasure to participate in the 2011 Mommybites Summit. We understand the worry associated with childhood medical emergencies, have created a way to stop the anxiety, and are passionate about sharing it with other parents," said MEDBASICS® CEO, Tara Summers-Hermann, RN, BSN.

So how does a book stop parental anxiety? It's about preparation and portability. The Baby MEDBASICS® book is an active part of a baby's life. According to the authors, this book was not created to sit on a shelf with baby reference books. It is small, lightweight, fits in any diaper bag, and goes everywhere baby goes because accidents don't just happen at home. It is also available as an app for the iPhone and iPad. "It's kind of like having a doctor and nurse with you wherever you go," explained Tara. "A lot of parents believe that during a medical emergency, calling 911 is all they need to do.

Although it clearly is a crucial step in emergency response, your response as a parent or caregiver can not stop there. The average ambulance response time is eight minutes. Brain damage from lack of oxygen begins in as little as four minutes and death shortly after. You simply can not wait for someone else to provide the immediate emergency care your child needs. You are your child's first responder and MEDBASICS® is there to help you respond reliably until medical help arrives."

Luke Hermann, MD, and Tara Summers-Hermann, RN, BSN, took great care in converting "medical speak" into simple instructions, illustrations and easy to follow action pathways creating the essential emergency guide that is there for parents and caregivers whenever, wherever and if ever they need it. In the non-emergent times, parents and caregivers have peace of mind knowing they don't have to worry about whether or not they will remember what to do. And according to Dr. Hermann, they won't remember everything. "Statistics show us that over 80 percent of people who learn CPR do not remember how to give CPR when retested less than six months after taking the course. We absolutely recommend parents and caregivers take a CPR course but we also know their best chance for a reliable response is a CPR course + MEDBASICS®."

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The Complete First Aid Kit - Includes Save-A-Tooth, Exceeds ANSI Standards, 100% Made in USA

The Complete First Aid Kit is a comprehensive kit containing everything you need to keep your home or office prepared for an emergency. The kit contains quality first aid products made in the United States and packaged in a 510K Certified, FDA Regulated facility. The kit will assist with knocked out teeth, CPR, burns, scrapes, insect stings, small lacerations, swelling, splinters, blisters, sepsis, sprains, broken/fractured fingers & toes, arm/elbow/shoulder injuries, headaches, excessive bleeding, and much more. The Complete First Aid Kit is the only kit in the world containing Save-A-Tooth the most effective method for saving knocked out teeth (a $24.95 Value) and approved by the American Dental Association.

This kit exceeds 2013 ANSI standards. It is wall mountable, water/moisture proof, and all of the contents are individually boxed to cut down on mess after use. Updated for 2013! We added CPRotector, the only CPR barrier that blocks fluids (an $8.00 value), cotton swabs, and an environmentally friendly urea hybrid ice pack. For more information check out the Complete First Aid Kit website.

The kit includes: 32 Certi-Strips (1"x3"), 6 Extra Large Certi-Strips (2"x3"), 9 Heavy Weight Woven Fingertip & Knuckle Certi-Strips, 4 Certi-Gauze Pads (3"x3"), 1 Ace Style Bandage (2"x5yd), 1 Triangular Bandage w/2 Pins, 1 Absorbent Compress (32"sq.), 1 Certi-Tape - Medical Tape (1/2"2.5yd), 5 Cotton Swabs (3"), 10 Certi-Sporyn Packets (1gm), 10 BZK Antiseptic Towelettes (5"x7"), 6 Certi-Burn Cream Packets (1gm), 2 Insect Sting Wipe-Ups (1"x2"), 1 Save-A-Tooth (Tooth Preserving System), 1 CPRotector (CPR Barrier), 1 Certi-Lancet (Blister & Splinter Relief), 2 Pairs of Nitrile Gloves, 1 Foil Rescue Blanket (52"x84"), 1 Instant Cold Pack, 1 Wood Splint (6"), 1 Green Glow Stick (6"), 1 Certi-Cet - Acetametophen (2ct), 1 Certi-Profen - Ibuprofen (2ct), 1 First Aid Facts Guide.

Price: $39.95

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Get Prepared for Pet Emergencies

The Pet Professional Guild (PPG), a member organization founded on the principles of force-free training and pet care, proudly announced the launch of its first comprehensive pet first aid course.  Delivered over the internet, the course is designed to teach the first aid skills necessary to competently administer aid to a sick or injured pet.  Knowing what to do during the initial minutes after an accident or trauma can be critical to a pet’s life.

According to PPG President, Niki Tudge, “Everyone can benefit from learning some basic first aid.  Our new program is very comprehensive and extensive enough for pet industry professionals who need first aid skills in their business and career but it is equally appropriate for pet owners who want to be prepared for emergencies.” The American Red Cross and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommend that all pet owners learn pet first aid skills to help keep their animals safe and healthy.  Pet owners and professionals that are trained in pet first aid measures and proper life saving techniques are better prepared to handle routine and life threatening emergencies when they occur.  

To qualify for the PPG’s pet first aid certification, applicants must attend a 3-hour online program, pass a rigorous written examination and submit four videos to PPG to demonstrate understanding of the material and competence of practical first aid skills.  Tudge says, “Our PPG First Aid Program has been developed by a Certified Veterinary Technician in accordance with American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) guidelines and teaches the basic skills and procedures that may possibly save a pet’s life by giving you the knowledge to provide basic treatment to a sick or injured animal until professional vet help is available.”  The AVMA reminds pet owners and professionals that first aid is not a substitute for veterinary care but it may save a pet's life until veterinary treatment is available.

The PPG plans to offer a growing number of programs based on their “force-free” philosophy of pet training and pet care.  Tudge says, “As pet ownership continues to increase and the activities that owners enjoy with their pets grow, knowing basic first aid skills is more critical for owners and industry professionals.  We believe that the pet-owning public needs trusted educational resources based on the PPG’s guiding principles.  We clearly define our philosophy, methods and techniques our members use so the public can be confident that any Guild member will provide services in accordance with our stated philosophy and guidelines.  The public can be assured that only force-free methods will be employed training and caring for their pets.”  For more information on PPG courses and force-free training and pet care, visit

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SlitzerTM 7" Ceramic Chef's Knife and comes with 1 "FREE" Mini First Aid Kit (our choice of color)

This quality knife delivers a sure cut with a gentle touch. It features an ABS soft-touch, sure-grip handle, blade sheath and measures 12-1/4" overall with 7" ceramic blade. Limited lifetime warranty. This item comes packed in a gift box.

Price: $69.95

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National & Regional Retailers Line Up To Carry WoundSeal: The Product That Stops Bleeding Instantly

From zero retail locations to more than 20,000 in less than two years. That’s what happens when a product like WoundSeal meets an important consumer need that creates an entirely new category for retailers to add to their first aid section. Sam Shake, president of Biolife, is pleased to announce that several major retailers have agreed to carry WoundSeal, the only first aid product on the market that stops bleeding through the creation of an instant scab:

·   Rite Aid Pharmacy – 4,700 locations throughout the US

·   H-E-B Pharmacy – 300+ locations throughout Texas

·   Duane Reade Pharmacy – 250+ locations throughout New York

·   Giant Eagle – 200+ locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, north central West Virginia and Maryland

The new retailers join Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy to make up a retail network of more than 20,000 locations. Used in hospitals around the country for several years, the same topical powder doctors trust is now available in the First Aid aisle to stop bleeding anytime, anywhere in the home or on the go. “We are excited to expand the reach of WoundSeal into new markets and supplement existing ones with our new retail partners,” states Shake. “As the only first aid product that guarantees to stop a bleeding external wound, WoundSeal has been a win-win for retailers and consumers.”

Shake notes that WoundSeal’s retail success is largely attributed to two sets of consumers – seniors with thin skin and active adults who bleed easily – who embraced the product because it provided a solution that couldn’t be solved with existing products.

“Many of the customers who use WoundSeal have battled prolonged bleeding episodes that can last hours or even days. For them and anyone else suffering from a bleeding injury, WoundSeal offers a unique and clinically proven solution: the ability to stop bleeding instantly while protecting the wound with an instant scab.” For more information on WoundSeal – such as specific locations, clinical studies and customer testimonials – visit

About Biolife, LLC

Biolife, L.L.C. is a privately-owned company that manufactures and distributes a patented topical powder that stops bleeding and forms a seal over an external bleeding wound or an access site. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Biolife's powder products are sold to leading hospitals, occupational workplaces, professional sports teams, and consumers across the country. The company's mission is to develop and market products that improve the consumer's quality of life.

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Super Smash Bros Brawl

Brawl Brothers is a beat 'em up game for the Super Nintendo (SNES). People are vanishing in Bayside City without any explanation. When three of Hack and Slash's friends go missing, they decided it's time they took some action! The gameplay should feel familiar to anyone who has ever played a beat 'em up before. Beat the enemies that appear to a pulp before they do so to you. You will come across weapons along the way that you can pick up, such as pipes, guns, and bombs! Keep and eye open for first aid kits and food, as they refill your health. If you have a brawl brother of your own, the two of you can play in two-player co-op. The fight will get pretty intense. Think you can handle it?

Price: $ 18

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Global Odyssi’s Surfers First Aid Kit adds Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel

Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid and Wellness Kit ( was developed specifically for surfers by surfers for extreme surf travel.  The surfers first aid kit includes a comprehensive treatment manual and supplies to keep surfers safe and back in the water catching waves.

April, 2011- Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid Kit has added Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel ( to their First Aid Kit.  This First Aid Gel heals wounds up to 3 times faster than normal antibiotic ointments and has a variety of uses from burns and rashes to scrapes and skin ulcerations.  Sovereign  Silver® First Aid Gel will replace many of the OTC (Over the Counter) ointments and lotions in the Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid and Wellness Kit as well as your medicine cabinet, such as antiseptic cream, burn spray and calamine lotion, to name a few.

By adding Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel (Homeopathic Medicine) to the Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid and Wellness Kit, we have increased the value of the kit, making it a “must have” on all surf trips from mild to extreme.  The added value of healing a surf wound in a third of the time means less chance of infection and more time for worry-free surfing.

About Global Odyssi:

Global Odyssi is the leader in surfing first aid kits.  The kit is intended for home break use, or for mild to extreme surf travel, and is designed to tackle all the obstacles a surf trip throws at you, in and out of the water.  With carefully selected quality supplies and a doctor approved treatment manual all housed in one convenient rugged case, this is one piece of luggage you don’t want to leave behind.

For more information regarding the Global Odyssi Surfers First Aid and Wellness Kit, Contact:  Curt Johnson, Marketing and Sales; Global Odyssi; Phone: (858) 344-5587; E-mail:

Global Odyssi is the leader in surfing first aid kits. The kit is intended for mild to extreme surf travel, and is designed to tackle all the obstacles a surf trip throws at you. 

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Johnson & Johnson All Purpose First Aid Kit

Provides essential items to help deal with cuts, scrapes, minor burns, sprains, strains, pain, fever, and more. Includes 1 First Aid Guide, 3 Cleansing Wipes 5” x 7-3/4”, 2 Non-Sterile Disposable Gloves (1 pair), 80 Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages Sheer Comfort-Flex, 30 Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages Adhesive Bandages Assorted, 14 Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS Gauze Pad 2" x 2", 4 Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages Butterfly Closures 1-3/4” x 3/8”, 1 Coach Instant Cold Pack, 2 Neosporin Ointment Net wt. 1/32 oz, 1 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Brand Burn Cooling Patch 2.6” x 1.0”, 1 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Brand Tape, 1 Plastic Carrying Case.

Price: $10.99

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OSHA Outlet Launches Online Store

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, the newly launched online storefront,, offers an online resource where business owners can shop and buy safety and compliance products and training.

In addition to safety products and training, has safety professionals on staff to help answer questions, assist in the decision-making process, aide in implementation as well as train end users. "Our goal is not only to provide our customers with great savings, but to become their trusted advisors," said Vince Hundley, President of protects the safety and health of thousands of workers on hundreds of work sites.  They see their products being used out in the field every day and they bring their knowledge to their online store. They offer the following types of products:  First Aid, Gloves, Area Protection, Head Eye and Face Protection, Respiratory Protection, Hearing Protection, Monitors + Calibration Equipment, Clothing, Environmental, Ergonomics, Footwear, Fire Equipment, Fall Protection, Tools, Labor Law Posters, Human Resource Services.

"Searching for the right safety products and training can be confusing.  We help simplify things, make recommendations to help reduce a business owner’s liabilities, helping them protect their workforce."  The’s experienced safety professionals can be reached 5 days a week via their toll free number:  1-800-511-OSHA (6742).

With over 9,000 products and 300 training classes, OSHA Outlet is the #1 source for construction companies and general industry to find safety products and triaining. It's the place that safety professionals go to shop! Call us toll free at 1-800-511-OSHA (6742) or visit us at

With over 9,000 products & 300 training classes, OSHA Outlet is the #1 source for construction companies & general industry to find safety products and triaining. It's the place that safety professionals go to shop! 1-800-511-OSHA,

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Safety City open for business

Safety City announced today the opening of its new online shop which aims to offer great prices and services both on and offline brokering the best deals for you.
Safety City is primarily an online store offering fantastic deals on products in six main categories, First Aid, Catering Clothing and Supplies, Cleaning Chemicals, Signs Posters and Publications and Safety Equipment and Clothing.

As well as an online store the portal page offers access to a range of products such as health and safety training and other business services.
Whilst the target audience is primarily the online customer Safety City can also offer an offline brokering service finding the best deal on bulk purchases from its extensive network of suppliers. If you have a large purchasing requirement we can supply you with dedicated account manager to answer your questions by telephone and deal with your orders.

This service is ideal for cleaning companies and catering firms that purchase large quantities of cleaning chemicals, uniforms and other supplies.
Safety City keeps its prices low by constantly checking prices across a range of different competitors and always negotiates hard with its suppliers to bring its customers the lowest prices possible. “After looking round at lots of different shopping sites we wanted to try and make our site clean, simple and easy to navigate. The feedback we have had so far from most of our customers is that we have achieved this”.

“Sourcing and negotiating prices with our suppliers was challenging but we are so confident that we have our pricing right I challenge potential customers to send us the current prices they are paying for their supplies and Safety City will beat them” – Mark Coates - Director
For more information contact:
Mark Wigley
Safety City

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The Lion's Roar

First Aid Kit is Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg. The first single and title track to their sophomore album, ''The Lion's Roar'', was recorded with producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Monsters of Folk, Jenny Lewis) in Omaha, NE. The record sees the band exploring a bigger sound and more instrumentation than on their debut album ''The Big Black and the Blue'', but maintains the signature storytelling and harmonies they have become renowned for.

Price: $11.99

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New Roads and Street Works

The New Roads and Street Works Act require that anyone who executes works for, or on behalf of a utility company, is qualified for the activities being carried out. Any street works site must have at least one qualified operative on site at all times during works, and the site must have a qualified supervisor appointed to the site who can oversee the works. The supervisor qualification does not replace or overrule the operative qualification and one person cannot cover both roles at the same time.

TALA TRAINING offer 5 day courses at both operative and supervisory level in order that the candidates can achieve the units required to competently carry out their work. TALA Training is committed to offer professional and reliable Health and Safety Training, combined with excellent facilities has resulted in many important clients booking their training with them.

Talatraining is ideally situated in Glasgow’s South Side, just off junction 3 of the M77 allowing easy access to our large purpose built Training Centre.  Training can take place at our new purpose built training centre, which offers the very latest state of the art technology and facilities, or at a venue suitable to your business.

For more information on Talatraining, please contact at 4 Spiersbridge Terrace, Thornliebank Ind Est, Glasgow , G46 8JH; visit:;  phone 0141 621 4911. Tala Training can provide your business with a comprehensive health and safety training and consultancy service. Our team of Consultants and Trainers are experienced professionals who can deliver practical and relevant solutions.

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ONGUARD 87012 Hazmax Men's Steel Toe/Shank/Midsole Knee Boots with Ultragrip Sipe Outsole, 16" Height, Size 11

16" Boot height. Steel toe complies with ASTM F2413-05 for impact, compression and CSA Z195-09 grade 1 for puncture resistance. Steel shank: provides arch protection and support. Exceeds CSA standards for dielectric footwear. Steel toe, steel shank and steel midsole for complete protection. One-piece injection molded construction, eliminates seams. Boots are constructed of a high viscosity and flexible PVC alloy. Non-absorbent polyester lining for easy cleaning and quick drying. Replaceable cushioned insoles. Cut off bands. Kick off lug. Use in situations involving dangerous chemicals, gasses or biological hazards and waste. The finest boots made for hazardous materials handling. Measures 13-3/8" length by 4-5/8" width by 17-3/8" height.

Price: $123.02

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First Aid & Safety of Texas Announces Participation in September’s National Preparedness Month

First Aid & Safety of Texas has committed to participate in National Preparedness Month (NPM) in September, an event founded after 9/11 to increase preparedness in the U.S. The event, now in its eighth year, is a nationwide, month-long effort hosted by the Ready Campaign and Citizen Corps, encouraging households, businesses and communities to prepare and plan for emergencies.

First Aid & Safety of Texas is participating this year by offering American Heart Association training courses, including CPR.  One of NPM’s key messages is: be prepared in the event an emergency causes you to be self-reliant for three days without utilities and electricity, water service, access to a supermarket or local services, or maybe even without response from police, fire or rescue. Preparing can start with three important steps:

1. Get an emergency supply kit
2. Make a plan for what to do in an emergency
3. Be informed about emergencies that could happen in your community, and identify sources of information in your community that will be helpful before, during and after an emergency.

Preparedness is a shared responsibility; it takes a whole community. This year’s National Preparedness Month focuses on turning awareness into action by encouraging all individuals and all communities nationwide to make an emergency preparedness plan. Preparedness information and events will be posted to  

First Aid & Safety of Texas offers first aid, CPR and other courses throughout National Preparedness Month and throughout the year.  “Medical emergencies can strike anyone, anywhere - and when they do, a victim's chance of survival depends on the people around them. That could mean you”, says Fran Riggs, owner of First Aid & Safety of Texas.

This is the first year First Aid & Safety of Texas has participated in NPM. For more information about the Ready Campaign and National Preparedness Month, visit or call 11-800-BE-READY, 1-888-SE-LISTO, and TTY 1-800-462-7585

First Aid & Safety of Texas
Helping You Prepare for Medical Emergencies at Your Workplace

We help you prepare for medical emergencies at your workplace in accordance with OSHA regulations and best practices. Our services include American Heart Association training courses for first aid, CPR+AED.

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iLLumiShield - Apple iPad (1st Generation) Crystal Clear Screen Protectors with Anti-Bubble/Anti-Fingerprint - 2-Pack + Lifetime Replacements

The iLLumiShield screen protector 2 - Pack for the Apple iPad (1st Generation) tablet offers true crystal clear visibility while also staying to true to what screen protectors are designed to do; to keep your Apple iPad (1st Generation) screen protected. Designed from high quality PET film imported from Japan, iLLumiShield anti-bubble anti-fingerprint protectors are easy to install and will not leave residue when removed.

A unique precision laser-cut manufacturing process allows the screen protector to be accurate, precise and a perfect fit for each device. The iLLumiShield's screen protector kit for the Apple iPad (1st Generation) includes a lint-free microfiber cleaning cloth, 2 screen protectors, an installation squeegee and even a set of detailed instructions to aid you during the installation process. All iLLumiShield protectors for tablets and phones are backed by a lifetime warranty program.

Price: $ 39

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Take the Leap! We Offer the Best Fort Worth In-Home Pet Care.

Let’s face it, since you can’t be in two places at once, it’s crucial to find a reliable Pet Sitter. Pets are happier when they are safe and secure at home, in their own environment. Providing company and regular exercise is critical to health and happiness. Boredom and loneliness lead to anxiety and destructive behavior, so exercising them will lower their stress, extend their life span, and promote a healthy social temperament. To ensure your peace-of-mind, Guard Duty Petsitters will ensure your absence is worry free! They offer competitive rates, a FREE In-Home Consultation, zero Holiday charges and they treat your pets as if they are their own.

Here are a Few of the Many Advantages of In-Home Pet Care:

Comfort – Pets are more comfortable surrounded by familiar scents, sights, and sounds.
In-Home Care – Pets will avoid exposure to illness and injury from others.
Routine – Pets love routine and will enjoy regular eating, exercise, and sleeping habits.
Crime Deterrence – Regular visits give your home a “lived in” appearance. In order to not attract criminals, we never advertise on our vehicles while on duty.
Convenience – Erases your travel to and from a kennel or boarding facility.
Peace-of-Mind – Knowing your pets are being cared for by a loving, responsible, and experienced professional will help you relax.

Guard Duty Petsitters consists of Drew and Darlene Liedtke, whom are huge animal lovers. Understanding animal health and wellness is very important when caring for pets; therefore, they are certified in Pet First Aid in case any emergencies arise. They are insured by Kennel Pro (Mourer Foster Insurance) for your peace-of-mind. They are always working on improving their skills in the areas of animal behavior, health, and training. With huge hearts, unconditional love, and unending patience for animals, Guard Duty Petsitters stand by their promise.

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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Collector's Edition ( Exclusive Cell Included)

Rescued from a veil of ice with only fragments of memory, Wayne Holden struggles to recover his past on a blizzard-ridden world swarming with deadly aliens. With only treacherous Snow Pirates and the mysterious NEVEC Corporation remaining, can anyone be trusted or is everything lost? Combining a gripping single player campaign and intense multiplayer modes with support for up to 16 players via Xbox Live online game service, Lost Planet is an epic gaming masterpiece. Taking full advantage of Xbox 360's unprecedented power, Lost Planet contains an unrivalled level of detail as advanced light sourcing is used to ensure a realistic presentation that enhances every explosion, smoke and particle effect. Enormous world maps unfold as players battle hostile creatures in blistering weather conditions across vast snow fields and deserted cities either on foot or in armed Vital Suits. Featuring a real-time loading system, players can expect a seamless experience that leaves them completely immersed. This special Collector's Edition includes an exclusive laser cell, bonus maps, collector's art book, and other rare content.

An Epic Story
This fast-paced third person shooter takes you across the vast and frozen landscapes of E.D.N. III. The ability to fight stealthily on-foot or from within heavily armored Vital Suits offers two unique modes of gameplay. While on foot, use the zip line to get up to strategic enemy-annihilating vantage point and discover unexplored areas and weapons. Or, jump into your own Vital Suit or hijack an enemy Snow Pirate's Vital Suit to go head to head with enormous and more powerful Akrid foes.

Lost Planet's highly anticipated multiplayer mode lets gamers participate in heated online matches in stages such as "Pirate Fortress" with support for up to 16 players via the Xbox Live¨ online game service. Players are able to select from multiple weapons, unique robotic assault vehicles and play modes including Elimination, Team Elimination, Post Grab and Fugitive.

A Suit of Destruction
Vital Suits (or VS) are machinery specially developed to suit the extreme conditions on E.D.N. III and replace heavy working equipment brought over from Earth at the beginning of colonization. VS are equipped with a power output device that allows them to utilize Thermal Energy collected from the Akrid without any processing. They are equipped with a variety of weaponry and high mobility in order to battle the Akrid, but they can be especially deadly to humans as well.

Different VS allow the player to perform different maneuvers. The basic GT-01 was originally created to assist with aid efforts at the start of colonization. As a result, it is limited in its expandability and armor. Conversely, the GTF-11 was the first VS to be equipped with an advanced posture control system originally designed for space fighters. This allows the GTF-11 to be outfitted with flight propulsion, and as a result it has been heavily used in the current colonization effort.

An Alien Horde
Indigenous creatures to the planet, Akrid have adapted to the extremely low temperatures. All Akrid possess the ability to extract a rare mineral from the frozen ground and chemically convert it inside themselves into "Thermal Energy" and use it as their energy source. Humans discovered the Thermal Energy inside the Akrid and fight them over the valuable resource in order to survive the deadly cold.

A number of different Akrid ply the vast snow fields of E.D.N. Chryatis, for example, is extremely aggressive and has heightened senses. Upon sensing thermal energy that it traces from any living being other than another Akrid, it immediately attacks the source as a threat that must be eradicated. Once in attack mode, the Chryatis won't stop until all traces of thermal energy are gone. While Chryatis is busy eliminating prey on the ground, the smaller Trilid Akrid take to the skies. Weak on their on but strong in swarms, Trilid attack in groups to overcome and confuse their opponents.

However, not all Akrid are what they appear to be. Dongo, a crawling Akrid, has an extremely hard outer shell that forms a nearly indestructible armor. It attacks by curling into a ball and rolling into or over foes at high speed, or by using its large pincers for stomping and crushing. The Undeep Akrid uses tenticles that act as a sort of radar. This allows it to pick up on the movement of Vital Suits from miles away. The most mysterious of all the Akrid, not much is known about these giant creatures.

A Worthy Arsenal
There are many types of weapons available and while some weapons are meant for use while operating on foot, others are meant for being loaded onto Vital Suits for more aggressive pushes forward. The Vital Suit weapons can also be used separately from the Vital Suit and do pack a more powerful punch, but are much heavier, bulkier, and more difficult to carry in combat.

Your standard issue rifle is a machine gun, firing 5.56mm low-caliber high-velocity rounds and allowing you to lay down fire while moving, perfect for taking down multiple Akrid in a hurry! The semi-automatic rifle, on the other hand, comes complete with a high powered scope to allow you to zoom in on your target. Shots from this weapon can even pierce thin layers of Vital Suit armor, should such a confrontation become necessary.

Hand grenades round out your basic arsenal and can be used as both a strategic and "twitch" weapon. They have a standard range and damage and are very easy to use. Due to their round shape, they bounce and ricochet easily, while shooting these hand grenades produces a larger, more powerful explosion- a key strategy in battle!

This special Lost Planet Collector's Edition package offers fans a flurry of extra content:

  • High quality exclusive limited edition laser cell with Lost Planet rendered art and logo

  • One exclusive bonus multiplayer map that will only be available in the Collector's Edition until summer 2007
  • Custom designed exclusive cover art, for collector's edition only
  • Premium packaging in a sleek SteelBook metal case
  • Exclusive art book with concept sketches from all stages of development including character renders, VS renders and enemy art
  • Soundtrack of select songs from the game
  • Fan kit assets for gamers to create their own Lost Planet websites
  • Action packed videos and trailers
  • Wallpapers, AIM icons, board icons and signature banners
  • Digital art files including screens, character art and environment shots

Price: $59.99

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New website

RubyStone Enterprises has adding new emergency products to its website, , which now offers customers a wide variety of unique safety and protection products, along with free Newsletters on safety tips and free guides, and easy buying and selling options. offers a wide range of products to protect your family, pets, home and vehicles. is committed to catering to the growing needs of online buyers searching for creative ways to protect themselves and loved ones.

We carry many unique items such as non-lethal self-defense, emergency kits, child protection, radiation and germ protection products. We sell Air Tasers that can drop an assailant from up to 15 feet away yet are non-lethal, legal and a safe way to protect your family. Safeguard Protection devices for cellular phones protect you from potential dangerous electromagnetic radiation that cellular phones emit. Ultrasonic Dog Chasers are a great way to protect family from vicious dogs that may attack while on outings. We also carry emergency preparedness kits including special kits for your pets and many more high quality products. strives to make buying easy with a secured site for all credit card transactions.  We understand that our customer’s want convenience and security as well as high quality products at a reasonable price. is located in Tustin, California.  We continue to provide top quality service and products.  For additional information on or the products that we offer visit our Web site at or call toll free (888) 301-6500.

Ruby Aragon, President
RubyStone Enterprises
17300 17th St.Ste.J468
Tustin, CA 92780
(888) 301-6500 or fax (714)669-8665

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Lion's Roar

First Aid Kit is Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg. The first single and title track to their sophomore album, ''The Lion's Roar'', was recorded with producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Monsters of Folk, Jenny Lewis) in Omaha, NE. The record sees the band exploring a bigger sound and more instrumentation than on their debut album ''The Big Black and the Blue'', but maintains the signature storytelling and harmonies they have become renowned for.

Price: $6.99

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AllMyEmergencyKits site launches; Preparing for the worst with the best was created with consumers in mind. All grab 'n go emergency kits are easy to maintain and extremely portable. Emergency kits are high quality and designed by experts in the field of emergency preparedness. "You can see the quality of our kits each kit with your order. It is our mission at, "says owner Brian Schwartz.

Emergency kits are not all created equal. Whether you are looking for pet survival kits, car survival kits and emergency kits for food storage, the value you want is a good survival kit at a good price. There is a grab and go kits, first aid kits, disaster kits, survival and supplies in backpacks or bucket kits that can be used as port a pottys. Their emergency survival kits are designed for use in your home, car, class, or in the outdoors.

Preparing for an earthquake, flood, fire, hurricane and tsunami or other disaster that might arise is all the same. Need food, water and a fully stocked emergency kit to help you get back to your life. Preparing for a disaster takes time and that's why it's never too late to get your emergency kit today. Most kits survival can fit in small spaces: the House, the wardrobe trunk of a car, Office, cabinet storage locker. They are the grab 'n go kits are required in case of an evacuation. Be proactive in preparing for a natural disaster happened in your part of the world where it might be.

"The quality is of crucial importance to us, so you'll find that each of our packages includes the best tools, accessories and more," said Schwartz. In fact they've gone the extra mile to ensure that emergency kits will not just meet, but exceed the industry standards. "Please be assured that your survival kit is top quality and built to last," Schwartz continued.

"We treat every order you place with the care and attention it deserves," said co-owner Debbie Schwartz. In the end when you want emergency kits with great value, you expect the services that you get to match the quality of the products that you order. With you can be at ease knowing that your emergency kit will arrive quickly and packaged well.

AllMyEmergencyKits do not treat their customers slightly – they recognise that this is a demand for quality, which allows them to maintain the best place to buy survival kits online.  They invite you to look in depth at the site and hope that you do not hesitate to contact them if there are any questions you need answered.

Are you ready for the best in elite survival, survival kits, auto and food storage, emergency kits available? Shop now and enjoy! Check for a full range of kits and disaster preparedness supplies.

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Between Us, A First Aid Kit for Your Heart & Soul, The girlfriends' inside guide to facing treatment for breast cancer, DVD

Between Us is a film about long-term breast cancer survivors who honestly portrayed their experiences with the disease. Through the voices and faces of a wide cross-section of women of all ages, ethnic and economic backgrounds, Between Us tells the inside story of those facing treatment and recovery from breast cancer. Between Us is a positive and informtive work with a theme of "survivor mentorship".

Price: $ 29

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New online store isn't just about commerce, it's about empowering women

When Stephanie Schriger decided to start her online store, "It wasn’t just about selling safety products, it was about attitude as well. A Real Tough Cookie is a woman who is not afraid to be feminine and strong at the same time." she states. This has been her outlook in her personal and entrepreneurial life. With that in mind, she decided to start a business empowering women to take care of themselves by selling defense and safety products in an appealing and informative way.

"Most people think about taking care of themselves in terms of a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise etc. If women really want to take care of themselves, then they need to be ready to protect themselves too. It may be unpleasant to think about the bad news we read about like crime or assault, but these incidents are realties, even in places considered to be safe. Carrying pepper spray, personal alarms or a high powered flashlight at home or out and about, are sensible things to do. Learning to incorporate self protection devices into ones daily routine, builds confidence, and may prevent personal injury or worse. sells a variety of these products, which are of high quality and affordable too." says Schriger.

Additionally she comments, "Even though these products have negative connotations, I liken them to an insurance policy or a fire extinguisher. You have them just in case of emergency, but hopefully will never have to use them. Plus, our products are available in attractive colors and concealed as pagers, lipsticks and even jogging weights. They are a must for joggers, hikers, college students, those who live alone or are just out late at night."

In addition to her online store, Ms. Schriger, has partnered with local security specialists in the Seattle area, to offer private in-home workshops for small groups presenting tips, advice and product sales. Presentations to businesses and community organizations are also available. Additionally, information to demystify product and usage is available on the site. Be sure to read her blog for more information too.

Real Tough Cookie sells self protection and home security products such as pepper spray, emergency kits, etc. in addition to promoting personal safety seminars in the Seattle area. Our focus is on helping women protect themselves, but our products and information can help everyone.

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Dry-All Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit

The Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit by Dry-All uses drying technology that has been made by our family for over forty years. The wet cell phone emergency kit will dry your phone every time when the directions are followed. Dry your wet phone completely in 24 to 48 hours. This product works by actually absorbing the moisture in your cell phone. This state of the art molecular dehumidifier works better than another drying remedy out there.

Price: $17.00

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Be prepared with survival kits, first aid kits and more from Sunrise survival &!

Alhambra, CA-in the case of a survival situation, it is always the best policy will be prepared and ready for anything. With this in mind Sunrise survival makes a point providing buyers with a variety of survival and emergency supplies, ranging from first aid kits emergency lights.

Conveniently located online at, online shop well worth a visit for its incredible variety of supplies. From emergency candles and lanterns to shake the body Warmers and folding COTS Sunrise survival is a great investment for situations when the lights and the heat may not be readily available.

Fortunately online store has put as much thought into the shopping experience, as it was in its various emergency items. Whether buyers are looking at food as food bars catastrophe or emergency lights to ensure proper lighting, as they move between categories it will never feel lost. Stocking up on emergency supplies from Sunrise survival simple, effective and stress free.

For those looking for something more in line with self defense products store features stun guns and pepper spray manufacturers industry recognized as stun Master and forest fires. No matter how one hopes to prepare a survival situation survival Sunrise has practically every area. Visit today and get ready!

Sunrise survival sells shake lights, emergency blankets, body warmers, survival kits, emergency kits, and more. Shop online at is e-commerce software, Web marketing and video media company, located near Seattle in Redmond, Washington. offers custom ecommerce shopping Cart software, advanced Internet marketing solutions and professional video production services for small, medium and large enterprises. Get visible, be visible! http://www.Visible.NET

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First Aid Kit With Hard Case- 326 pcs- First Aid Complete Care Kit - Exceeds OSHA & ANSI Guidelines - Ideal for the Workplace - Disaster Preparedness (Color Red)

This highly organized kit provides comprehensive first aid treatment for a variety of needs. It complies or exceeds all OSHA guidelines for small business and meets ANSI types I and II requirements. The kit is fully organized for easy use and will treat many emergency situations. It can be wall mounted or stored easily. Clean: 30 Antiseptic Towelettes, 30 Alcohol Pads, 6 Sting Relief Pads, 3 Hand Sanitizers. Treat: 6 Antibiotic Ointment, 6 Burn Cream, 10 Antacid Tablets, 10 Aspirin Tablets, 10 Non-aspirin Tablets, 1 First Aid Guide, 1 Instant Cold Compress. Protect: 5 Adhesive Bandages (Metallic), 20 Adhesive Bandages 1" x 3", 55 Adhesive Bandages 0.75" x 3", 50 Adhesive Bandages 0.375" x 1.5", 10 Butterfly Bandages, 18 Wound Closure Strips, 2 Gauze Rolls, 3 Protective Earloop Masks, 2 Eye Pads, 10 Sterile Gauze Pads 2" x 2", 4 Sterile Gauze Pads 4" x 4", 1 Sterile Trauma Pad. Additional Supplies: 20 Cotton Tip Applicators, 1 Adhesive Tape Roll, 5 Finger Splints, 1 Triangular Bandage, 4 Examination Gloves, 1 pair Metal Scissors, 1 pair Metal Tweezers.

Price: $43.99

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First Response Health & Safety Online Virtual University Now Available for Canadian & US Business

The Health & Safety industry just got its wake-up call:  latest innovation: `State of the art Online Virtual University of Health & Safety Training at’

Toronto, Ontario—Kandi Wood has officially put the Health & Safety industry on notice: Health & Safety eLearning is now is now faster, easier and more affordable than ever before with our new on line virtual university portal on the First Response web site.

For many companies, the challenge of maintaining  Health & Safety compliance is an ongoing struggle.  Scheduling employees for hours and sometimes days away from work, to complete various H & S courses can often be cost prohibitive and can lead to staffing challenges.  With the advent of eLearning, the option of completing many H & S courses on line, from the comfort of your own desk at your own time, or even from home is making the issue of compliance far more attainable, affordable and doable.  This virtual university is available now at

As Wood added, “Our online virtual university has gone the Health & Safety industry one better. Where most companies in this market only offer physical in house training, our virtual on line university provides business and industry with a viable, affordable option to achieve provincial and federal  H & S compliance for many of the ongoing training courses their employees are required to complete.

First Response has  identified several key steps most important to companies aiming for provincial and federal compliance in the Health & Safety training field

•   Simple, easy navigation of the web site
•   Quality courses that are current and meet compliance standards
•   User friendly interface

The complete revamped website with the online virtual university is up and running and ready to go.   Health & Safety compliance can be achieved with this user friendly portal on the First Response web site at

For media inquiries, to arrange for an interview or an expert quote, please contact Kandi Wood at   416-410-9397

Kandi Wood is the founder and Director of Training at First Response.  We opened for business in June 1995, primarily as a First Aid and CPR training facility serving the business and industrial sector.  Kandi's background as a PADI SCUBA instructor and Medic First Aid instructor took her all over the world in the early 1990s, teaching diving and first aid. It was upon her return to Canada in 1995 that First Response was born.
In an effort to meet the ever-growing needs of her clients, Kandi has, over the past decade, expanded the company and its services to include a wide variety of Health & Safety training programs. First Response also offers a comprehensive library of on line training through our virtual university. They also have an online store for purchase of first aid and safety supplies.

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If your Xbox 360 controller is losing some life, its time to administer some First Aid. The First Aid Kit includes new rubber mats for your controller, as well as replacement thumbsticks with potentiometers. VERY IMPORORTANT: SOLDERING/DESOLDERING PROCESS INVOLVED. This is a repair part.

Price: $ 29

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Online CPR Certification Provider American Health Care Academy Launches "How It Works" Video

“In recognition of October being Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month, we wanted to provide even more help to our customers,” said Sophia Smith, the Marketing Manager for AHCA. “We're doing everything we can to encourage them to help save lives.”

More than 250,000 deaths occur every year due to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). In fact, SCA claims one life about every two minutes, taking more lives each year than AIDS, lung cancer or breast cancer. To decrease this heinous SCA death toll, it is important for the American public to understand what SCA is, what the signs and symptoms are, and how to respond and prevent SCA from occurring.

Part of SCA help and prevention comes from CPR/Automatic External Defibrillators training, which AHCA offers online. It's been proven that succesful use of AED can drastically enhance someone's chances of surviving an SCA. CPR, which is now celebrating its 50th year of use, has also saved countless lives through the simple application of the “hands-only” method, as well as more advanced methods using assisted breathing techniques.

AHCA's “How It Works” video is intended to provide visual aids for potential clients who wish to learn more about how CPR – and learning CPR online – works, and addresses the different learning styles different people have, by providing a live demonstration that can be replayed at will. The video can be viewed at:

“Teaching our customers in the way they learn best is important to us,” Ms. Smith said. “The 'How It Works' video is an important step forward in demonstrating the power of online CPR classes.”

The American Health Care Academy provides online CPR certification and online first aid certification, designed with the busy adult in mind. Students, parents and others with a desire to get CPR training can take AHCA's quick and easy first aid courses and gain new CPR certification or re-certification in the comfort of their homes, on their schedule.

About American Health Care Academy:
American Health Care Academy offers online CPR certification courses and online first aid courses. All of our courses are nationally accepted. Discounts are available for groups and organizations.

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Instructors Toolkit to Accompany First Aid, CPR, and AED Fifth Edition

Contents: -Installation Instructions -About this Course -Powerpoint Presentaion -Lecture Outlines -Image and Table Bank -TestBank and test Generator -Matieral Formatted for Online Course Management Systems -Materials Formatted for online Course Management Systems

Price: $ 29

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Why Choking is So Common With Kids

Children are curious, by nature, and tend to wonder and experiment with everything in their world. Foods and chokable items included.  A "chokable item" is any item that is small enough to fit through a toilet paper or paper towel roll, thus the object is small enough to become lodged into the wind pipe.

Children choke more often than adults do because, for one thing, they are more likely to put things in their mouth that are not food, and also because they have more of a tendancy to play and run around while eating, raising the chance for food to accidentally get stuck in their wind pipe.  Also, childrens mouths and tongues are less developed than adults and they are not as skilled in manipulating foods in their mouths, causing them to be more likely to choke.

Some common items that children choke on include little round slices of hot dogs, balloons, hard candies, and chunks of raw fruits and vegetables. It is imperative that anyone supervising children at any time have thourough knowledge of CPR and first aid, including the Heimlich Manuever, in such the event that choking occurs.

Although it is almost entirely impossible to prevent a child from choking one hundred percent of the time, steps can be taken to lessen the chance.

- Be sure that children are sitting down quietly while eating and are not laughing or running around.
- For very young children, cut foods julienne style (into long thin strips almost like grated carrots) to lessen the chance of food becoming lodged in the wind pipe.
-  Keep all hard and large pieces of candy away from young children.
-  Keep all small objects that can fit through a toilet paper roll out of reach from young kids.
-  Supervise children at all times.
-  KNOW CPR!!!!!!!

About EMS University, LLC:

A team of certified Paramedics with extensive hands-on experience in performing actual CPR. EMS University, LLC began in 2003 with a vision of improving CPR education worldwide. Initially, there were many doubts regarding the online education environment and its utilization for emergency skills and other healthcare training, however, with the advancement of online education tools, we believe that we may assist with the delivery of instruction so much that the benefits far outweigh the detractors.

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Gunshot Wound First Aid

Imagine you're at the shooting range and the guy next to you has an accidental discharge that hits your friend or loved one! What would you do? The hospital is 30 - 45 minutes away on a good day, and it will take an ambulance 45 - 60 minutes to respond. What should you do to help this person have a better chance of survival? This program will show you how to minimize bleeding and trauma, prepare the wound for transportation, and handle shock and victim duress. These are life saving First Aid techniques, to teach you how to access and evaluate gunshot wounds more efficiently. This is a MUST view for all police officers, federal agents, CCW license holders, and everybody who carries a gun or is around firearms for a living!

Price: $29.95

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Why Survival Goods is in the business of saving lives

Is it a good business to be in? What are the advantages of being in that type of business? Why are you in the business of saving lives? Inevitably, a lot of people have asked us a lot of the why’s. So allow us to give you the low down.  

Behind Survival Goods is a mining engineer named David Michaud who has a strong passion for health, safety and yes, emergency preparedness. Which brings us to reason number 1. We live in a world full of uncertainties and no matter how hard we try, we just cannot plan every single thing down to the last detail and make sure that nothing bad will happen. This may sound too blunt but it’s really a reality we all have to face. We just have to be ready and we can do this by having emergency kits and disaster supplies ready and on hand.  

But then we have to make sure that these first aid kits and other emergency supplies must be of good quality, right? Which brings us to reason number 2. Survival Goods aims to be the top choice as one-stop shop of quality, reliable disaster ready gear. We only want to carry goods that are not just reasonably priced but are of top quality.  

Finally, we’re in this business because we want everyone to know and realize the importance of keeping out of harm’s way. This may sound cliche but, really, prevention is always the better option.  

These are just a few reasons as to why we’re in the business of saving lives. We’re in this for the long haul and we hope you can drop by and see what we have in store for you. Who knows, your visit to our website will be the best life saving decision you will ever make!    

About Survival Goods:
We are an online retailer. Our warehouse locations are not open to the public however most "will call pick up orders" are available in our Westminster, CA location only. Please contact us should you request "will call pick up".

All products listed on the online store are new factory sealed and retail packaged. Any warranty claims are handled directly through the manufacturer of each product. Survival-Goods is not responsible for any manufacturer warranty claims or repair claims.

PRDA Asia is a total social media solution partner. Established in 2004 PRDA now has hundreds of successful campaigns. Deep knowledge and wealth of experience makes us your perfect social media partner.

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Lifeline LF-04150 Base Camp Pack (171 Pieces)

Large groups that are active in the outdoors are who we designed the Base Camp for. This quality bag is filled with first aid emergency products. The contents are similar to the Team Sport regarding bandages, gauze and dressings. We have added cool gel for burns and more disinfectant in the form of hydacortisone. INCLUDES: 1 DELUXE PADDED CARRYING CASE 1 FIRST AID BOOKLET 6 VINYL GLOVES (3 PAIR) 1 SCISSORS 1 TWEEZERS 4 SAFETY PINS 4 COTTON TIPPED APPLICATORS 2 MOLE SKIN 2 COOL GEL 6 STING RELIEF PADS 2 HYDROCORTISONE CREAM 1 INSTANT COLD COMPRESS 4 TRIPLE ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENTS 12 ANTISEPTIC TOWELETTES 6 IODINE PADS 12 ALCOHOL PREP PADS 1 3" ELASTIC BANDAGE 40 3/4" X 3" BANDAGES 15 3/8"X 1-1/2" BANDAGES 8 KNUCKLE BANDAGES 5 BUTTERFLY CLOSURES 1 5" X 9" COMBINE DRESSING 2 2" X 3" NONADHERENT DRESSING 2 3" X 4" NONADHERENT DRESSINGS 2 4" X 4" STERILE GAUZE PADS 4 3" X 3" STERILE GAUZE PADS 4 2" X 2" STERILE GAUZE PADS 1 3" CONFORMING GAUZE 2 1/2"ADHESIVE TAPE 4 ACETAMINOPHEN TABLETS 8 IBUPROFEN TABLETS 7 REUSABLE ZIPPER-LOCK BAGS

Price: $39.99

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iPrepare Provides Emergency Survival Kits for 1,800 Minnesota Classrooms

iPrepare was recently awarded a large contract in the state of Minnesota. The contract was for over 1,800 emergency survival kits which will be provided to public school classrooms to help them prepare for disaster situations.  These kits contain over 12 different items for use during an emergency or disaster; such as water, whistles, safety vests, playing cards, first aid kits,  and other items.

Disasters and emergencies are an unfortunate part of life today.  Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires and terrorist attacks are regular occurrences and everyone needs to be prepared. “It is great to know that schools in Minnesota recognize the responsibility they have to keep their children safe in case of emergency.  Just having basic emergency supplies in your home, car, classroom or office can really bring you some piece of mind.” says Dave Walter, President of iPrepare. “It is especially gratifying to be able to help school children and teachers.”

The custom emergency classroom kits provided to these schools were designed to help give teachers the tools they need to help respond in case an emergency situation occurs at the school.  The kits were packed in a red backpack.  Standard kits for your school, business, car and home are available online at starting at $10. Discounts are given for bulk purchases and quotes for custom kits are welcome. For additional information on how to prepare your family or business, contact Katie Chase or Dave Walter at 1-877-874-8492.

About iPrepare
iPrepare is a provider of quality emergency supplies for schools, businesses and homes. Their mission is to help everyone take simple steps to prepare themselves in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

iPrepare is an experienced and well-respected company in the disaster preparedness industry. For over ten years we have been providing critical emergency preparedness supplies to individuals, businesses, schools and government agencies.

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Refill for CPR Wall Station - Kit = 7


Price: $ 29

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U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 21-76

U.S. Army Survival Manual has 285 pages og survival tips covering; health & first aid, navigation, water, food, shelter, fire making, cooking, cold weather and jungle survival, and more. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Price: $ 19

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Worcestershire training provider celebrates a year of success

First Response Training, one of the UK’s leading providers of first aid and health and safety training, can look back on 2010 as a year of success after securing a record amount of new business. They are now looking forward to an equally bright 2011.

The company, which was first established back in 1997, has recently obtained a number of new training contracts as well as winning further opportunities with its existing clients. In particular, the First Response team were thrilled to secure a second term providing training for the Houses of Parliament.

This prestigious contract has expanded considerably, as First Response was awarded a number of additional training courses and will now provide all first aid, health and safety and specialist safety training services for Parliament.

First Response celebrated successes throughout 2010. In July, they commenced a new contract to provide first aid training for Suffolk Police force, which sits comfortably alongside the contract they have held to provide similar training for Greater Manchester Police since April 2006. They have also won new business with several local authorities, including Scottish Borders Council, Trafford County Council and Warrington Borough Council.  

While the training provider is pleased to be in demand nationwide, they were also thrilled to enjoy successes closer to home this year, after being named preferred provider for over 35 health and social care training courses for Worcestershire County Council in October. They also obtained a contract to provide training for Warwickshire County Council Early Years and Childcare.

The past year also saw First Response re-accredited with Investors in People status for the second time and receive extra recognition through the achievement of a Bronze Award. The company was first recognised as an Investor in People back in 2004 and, since then, they have enjoyed considerable expansion year on year. They are now working towards obtaining a Silver Award.

Chief Executive Darren Eden said: “Last year was a fantastic year for us but, although we are proud of our recent achievements, we are definitely not getting complacent. We continue to pursue further opportunities and are also developing and launching a number of new training products, as well as revamping our literature and website.

“We have grown so much in such a short space of time and are looking forward to an exciting year ahead which promises even further development.”

First Response Training & Consultancy Services Ltd is an established and expanding provider of Health & Safety services to the UK. They believe that Health & Safety is more than just legal compliance and that a properly trained workforce can add to productivity and reduce illness and downtime.

Established in 1997, First Response now offer over 100 different course types to in excess of 1,200 students per week. Providing training for care, paediatric and all industry sectors, covering aspects of first aid, health and safety, food hygiene and fire training and professional development.

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ACU Digital Camouflage MOLLE Tactical Trauma Kit

ACU Digital Camouflage MOLLE Tactical Trauma Kit - Heavy Weight 900D Polyester. Zippered Pouch. 7" x 8" x 3". With Molle Attachement. One Inside Pocket. Inside Elastic Bands. Includes: 1 - New Pouch, 1 - Blood Stopper Kit, 1 - 4" Elastic Bandage, 6 - 4" x 4" Sterile Sponge, 16 - 3" Bandage Strip, 1 SS Tweezers, 1 - EMT Shears, 1 - 5" x 9" Abdominal Pad, 1- First Aid Instructions, 6 - Safety Pins, 1 - Pair Latex Gloves, 4 - Aspirin, 1 - Tape, 6 - Benzalkonium Chloride Wipes, 1 - Triangular Bandage, 5 - Butteryfly Closure Strips, 2 - Ammonia Inhalants, 1 - Burn Gel Package.

Price: $49.99

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Automated External Defibrillators Can Now Be Used With Little or No First Aid Training

Defibrillation is a common treatment for life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias, ventricular fibrillation (where the heart is in spasm but not pumping blood normally) and pulseless ventricular tachycardia (essentially where the heart has stopped functioning). Defibrillation consists of delivering a therapeutic dose of electrical energy to the affected heart with a device called a defibrillator. This depolarizes a critical mass of the heart muscle, terminates the arrhythmia, and allows normal sinus rhythm to be reestablished by the body's natural pacemaker, in the senatorial node of the heart.

Whilst medical technology has now allowed some Defibrillators to be implanted within patients at risk of cardiac arrhythmias, the most commonly observed defibrillators are external. External defibrillators take two standard forms. Firstly manual defibrillators, these are for professional use only and common in hospital ‘crash’ units and onboard Ambulances. They are a common sight in medical television programs such as Casualty, where to ‘paddles’ are placed onto the patient’s chest and a shock applied. An example of this type of defibrillator is the Physio-Control Lifepak 15, retailed by First Aid Warehouse for £18,000 + VAT.

Defibrillators are not just available for professional use though. Some external units, known as automated external defibrillators (AEDs), automate the diagnosis of treatable rhythms, meaning that almost everyone is able to use them successfully with little or in some cases no First Aid Training at all. As a result of the diagnosis, a ‘shock’ is only delivered to patients who need to receive such treatment, it’s almost impossible to use an AED to shock a patient who did not require such treatment. The location of public access AEDs generally takes in to account where large groups of people gather, and the risk category associated with these people, to ascertain whether the risk of a sudden cardiac arrest incident is high. For example, a school is a particularly low risk category (as children very rarely enter heart rhythms such as VF (Ventricular Fibrillation) or VT (Ventricular Tachycardia), being generally young and fit. On the other hand, a cruise ship or golf club with a high ratio of males over 50 is a very high risk environment.

There are 2 types of AEDs: Fully Automated and Semi Automated. Most AEDs are semi automated. A semi automated AED automatically diagnoses heart rhythms and determines if a shock is necessary. If a shock is advised, the user must then push a button to administer the shock. A fully automated AED automatically diagnoses the heart rhythm and advises the user to stand back while the shock is automatically given. Also, some types of AEDs come with advanced features, such as a manual override or an ECG display.

In order to make them highly visible, public access AEDs often are brightly coloured, and are mounted in protective cases near the entrance of a building. When these protective cases are opened, and the defibrillator removed, some will sound a buzzer to alert nearby staff to their removal but do not necessarily summon emergency services. All trained AED operators should also know to phone for an ambulance when sending for or using an AED, as the patient will be unconscious, which always requires ambulance attendance.

Whilst training is not always needed in order for someone to properly use an AED, most local voluntary groups such as St John Ambulance, The British Red Cross and The British Heart Foundation, run free tutorials to educate the public about their use. The First Aid Training is simple and suitable for everyone, regardless of previous first aid knowledge.

First Aid Warehouse is one of the UK’s leading Medical Suppliers which stock a range of products including Cardiac Training and Laerdal Manikins.

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Burn kit- 11 piece- bulk- plastic case w/ gasket- 1 ea.

This 11-piece burn kit includes the basic necessities for burn care. Products are contained in a sturdy reusable plastic case with gasket.Kit Includes:(1) 3" Conforming gauze roll bandage sterile(1) 3"x5 yd. Cohesive elastic bandage wrap latex free(1) 1"x5 yd. first aid tape roll(2) M-489: 4"x4" Water-Jel burn dressings(1) M-490: 4"x16" Water-Jel burn dressing(4) Exam quality vinyl gloves 2 pairs(1) 4-1/2" Scissors nickel platedKit Dimensions: 7-11/16"x4-9/16"x2-3/8"

Price: $69.48

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Clear Mountain Safety Is Very Knowledgable In Protecting You At Work

Clear Mountain Safety is a leading supplier of Emergency Prep, 1st Aid kits and Protective Wear to keep you safe at work. Extensive knowledge and experience in the industry have proven to help them supply people with great understandings of what is required and useful for their personal protection. They want to provide people with the best understanding of just how important proper safety protective wear is to keeping us all alive.

Recently they have taken the venture of this great business to an online store which is how they hope to expand their knowledge to others who have the need for Protective Wear, Emergency Prep and 1st Aid Kits. “It’s a great way to meet people and help them make informed decisions about the safety products they require as well, we stay up to date with new business regulations and policies this way.” Melany Sealy Owner and Manager of ClearMountainSafety.Com.

ClearMountainSafety.Com is located in Sundre, AB Canada, but provides their products all over North America by on line at They have proven to be a leader in their community and area for their fast and knowledgeable services. They are looking forward to helping and sharing with everyone just how important our safety really is. Quality suppliers for all your Protective Wear, Emergency Prep supplies and First Aid Kits. If you don't see it be sure to ask and they will do their best to find you what you need.

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First Aid Kit

Impact Bloodborne Pathogen Kit with DisinfectantHelp protect your employees and yourself with the Impact Bloodborne Pathogen Kit. This kit includes everything needed to quickly and safely remove spilled bodily fluids and other infectious substances. It complies with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Rule 29 CFR 1910.1030. Removal of spilled bodily fluids, blood, & other infectious substances Prevents workplace exposure to bloodborne pathogens Complies with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Rule 29 CFR 1910.1030 OSHA recommends a disinfectant registered to kill HIV-1 and Tuberculosis for final cleanup Kit includes: (1) pair disposable gloves (1) disposable faceshield (1) pair disposable shoe covers (1) disposable apron (1) absorbent pack (2) disposable towelettes (2) scoops/scrapers (2) red biohazard bags with ties (1) disposable towel (1) instruction sheet (1) can of 12 Oz. disinfectant spray Length: 3" Width: 12" Height: 6" Model #: 7353 112421

Price: $24.49

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HART Health Franchise System Expands to Meet Demand

Seattle, WA,  HART Health, an industrial first aid supply franchisor, is expanding its franchise system this year and has hired Jeff Brandli for the role of Sales Performance Director to manage the growth of new franchise units.

HART Health manufactures and sells one of the most extensive lines of industrial first aid kits and immediate care medical supplies. Recent health issues such as the H1N1 flu virus have increased demand for the company’s products and generated interest in its franchise offering.

Brandli is responsible for the initial training, developing, coaching and performance of HART Health franchisees. Brandli possesses twenty years of experience in marketing, management and sales training. Prior to joining HART Health, he was responsible for sales management training and support at UniFirst Corporation, a $1 Billion uniform services provider based in Boston, MA.

HART Health has been in business since 1976 and its line of high quality medical products are in use in many west coast businesses. HART Health produces its own line of specially packaged medicines and work place products such as first aid kits, eye cleanser, hand sanitizer, over-the-counter pain medications and bandages. Access to these products in the workplace saves lives, stops the spread of contagious disease, improves morale and and productivity in the workplace.

“We’re very excited about our recent expansion and we’re privileged to recruit Jeff Brandli to help us grow our franchisees into prosperous businesses,” said HART Health CEO Lawrence Shaw. “With all the attention to flu epidemics this year, small and medium sized businesses are thinking more about using work place medical supplies to protect and care for their employees. Jeff will help us grow to take advantage of this important need.”

For Information on Hart Health, visit or call 888-466-7633.

Press Contact:
Michael Mudd
Health® Franchises, Inc.
Seattle, WA

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Financial First + Aid Kit 2010: A Personal Finance Resource

Revere Fisherman's Pak Premium First Aid Kit... keep weekend fishing trips safe! A compact briefcase-style Kit in a hard plastic case. Has secure top-latch closure for quick access when time is of the essence. Has everything you need to dress wounds, ease symptoms and keep injuries from becoming major issues. When you're on the boat, it's best to have the necessary tools, just in case. Case is 10 x 7 1/4 x 3 1/8 and weighs 2 lbs. Kit includes: Bandages and Dressings: 100 - 3/4 x 3" plastic adhesive bandages; 5 - 1 1/4 x 1 1/4" fingertip adhesive bandages; 5 - 2 x 3" extra-large adhesive bandages; 5 - 1 1/2 x 3" knuckle adhesive bandages; 2 - 2 x 2" gauze pads; 8 - 3 x 3" gauze pads; 4 - 4 x 4" gauze pads; 2 - 2" x 4 yd. gauze bandages; 1 - 4" x 4 yd. gauze bandages; 1 - 5 x 9" large wound dressing; 1/2" x 2 1/2 yd. roll of adhesive tape; 2 - 2 3/5 x 1 3/5" oval eye pads; 1 - 40" x 40' x 56" triangular bandage; Oral and Topical Medications: 1 - 1/2 fl. oz. eye flush; 12 - 1/32 oz. burn cream rations; 60 alcohol prep pads; 6 insect sting relief wipes; 3 - 1/4 oz. sunscreen packets; 10 aspirin tablets; 12 motion sickness tablets; Additional Items: 1 first aid leaflet; 1 pair of scissors; 1 forceps; 2 pair of latex exam gloves; 1 instant cold pack; Be ready in any situation! Get this Kit now! Revere Fisherman's Pak Premium First Aid Kit

Price: $ 45 

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Fieldtex Medical, a leader in first aid supplies is releasing its new 2011 EMS Catalog

Fieldtex Medical recently released the latest edition of their EMS Catalog.  This edition includes an easier to use layout and includes over 20 new products in the 32 page Catalog. "We are excited to present the latest additions to our emergency medical case lineup, developed in conjunction with local medical professionals." -Mark Fishell Medical Products Manager

The catalog is formatted for easy product look up by grouping the products together based on function. It also features more complete product descriptions. The new catalog features over 125 products with roughly 20 new products; a new line of trauma bags, backboard straps, and a new line of oxygen bags made from an impervious, easy to clean vinyl.

The new EMT Back Pack ( has a divider in the main compartment with plenty of room for bvms. It also has long zippered mesh pockets on the side and top of the pack. It features a tarp bottom for protection from abrasion, reflective striping and padded adjustable straps.

Another new product featured in the catalog is the Advanced Medic Bag. (  This medic bag was built to store a lot of supplies and instruments. The main compartment features 3 moveable dividers and 2 end pockets. There are also 4 outside pockets with numerous elastic loops for holding instruments. For more information on the new 2011 EMS Catalog from Fieldtex Medical. First aid kits and supplies including everything from sports and home first aid kits to EMS Trauma bags, We currently have over 2,500 first aid products in stock.

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Adventure Medical Quikclot Sport Pack

A hatchet to the foot or a gunshot wound to the shin isn't funny, unless there was juggling involved. Either way, the Adventure Medical Quikclot Sport Pack uses a chemically inert substance to stop the bleeding faster than just applying pressure can. Two sizes (depending on inventory) of chemically treated mesh sponges lets you safely and more effectively reduce blood loss while you get your victim to the hospital.

Product Features
  • Dimensions: (25g) 3.5 x 3.5 in, (50g) 5 x 5 in
  • Group Size: 1
  • Trip Duration:
  • Medical Information & Forms:
  • Bleeding/Infection Control: Quikclot in mesh bag
  • Bandage Materials:
  • Wound Management/Care:
  • CPR / Choking:
  • Fracture / Sprain / Strain:
  • Blisters and Burns:
  • Instruments:
  • Medication:
  • Gear Repair / Survival Items:
  • Other Items:
  • Weight:
  • Recommended Use: camping, hiking, hunting, biking
  • Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime

Price: $21.99

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Fast Food Retailers Commit to Healthier Products

Its good news for fast food lovers as the United Kingdom’s leading fast food retailers commit to lowering levels of salt and saturated and trans fat within their meals. This announcement is especially good news for sufferers of hypertension and high Cholesterol levels as fast foods have in the past been a no-go area due to their high levels of salt and saturated fats.  However even with the planned changes, the nature of the products will still render them as foods for occasional consumption only, but at least they won’t be quite as nasty as before.  There have also been promises made to make nutritional information more readily available by means of printed literature and details on the retailers websites.

The six main fast food retailers that have agreed to these plans are Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Wimpy and Nando’s.  All of those apart from Nando’s have already started to reduce levels of salt and saturate levels in their food and Nando’s plan to follow suit in 2009. Many positive changes are happening regarding food nutrition and quality and the major players in not just fast food, but also the major supermarkets, are making advancements in food content, food labelling and over-all responsibility for the products they produce and sell.

For people with conditions such as high blood pressure, things are starting to become more simple and straight forward when making better informed and healthier decisions when purchasing food.  It’s not going to be an over night change, but there is change in the air.

This Press Release is brought to you by First Aid Warehouse, UK's premier supplier of the Omron M7 Blood Pressure Monitor as well as Medical Equipment , First Aid Kits , Blood Pressure Monitors , Medical Plasters and Medical Furniture.

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Convergence Training - First Steps in All First Aid Situations - Training DVDs

The first moments of every emergency situation are always the most critical. Use this course to learn about the "DR. ABC" method and the importance of quickly calling 9-1-1. This course also explains how and when to perform artificial respiration and CPR, as well as how to use an automatic or semiautomatic external defibrillator (AED). Based on 30 CFR Part 46.5.c.2. ***All Convergence DVDs include a link to download printable TESTS, ANSWER GUIDES, and COMPLETION CERTIFICATES.

Price: $ 45

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Ice-Qube Launches First Emergency Preparedness System Designed As A Gift at NYIGF

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions is launching six new emergency preparedness gift products at the New York International Gift Fair, August 17-19.  All six kits; Ice-Qube Rescue and Survival, Ice-Qube Plus One, Ice-Qube Baby, Ice-Qube Cat, Ice-Qube Dog and Ice-Qube Edibles and Perishables are part of the new Ice-Qube Preparedness System, a unique easy way to customize home emergency preparedness.

"It is exciting to be launching the Ice-Qube Preparedness System at the New York International Gift Fair" says Leslie Fastenberg, President of Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions.  "This is our first foray into retail and we are thrilled to be offering retailers the opportunity to get involved in the national emergency preparedness movement.  While our Ice-Qube Luxe model raised the bar for comprehensive emergency preparedness, our new Ice-Qube system increases the number of products and offers more modest pricing to meet the needs of our retailers."

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions is growing and enhancing its line of premium emergency and disaster preparedness kits, which were showcased at last years gift show, by offering the six new product components that can be combined to prepare any family size or meet specific needs.  The centerpiece of the new products is the Ice-Qube Rescue and Survival (SRP $239.00), a collection of quality, essential disaster survival supplies developed in conjunction with the Ice-Qube advisory board, which includes fire and safety management experts.  This product meets the standards for proper emergency preparedness set by the Department of Homeland Security Office of Emergency Management.

The Ice-Qube Plus One (SRP $29.00), an individual full set of personalized items from face mask to toothbrush, can be added to Ice-Qube Rescue and Survival to outfit each additional household or family member.  This affordable kit makes it easy to customize essential emergency supplies without having to double up on supplies not needed in duplicate.  Ice-Qube Edibles & Perishables solves the problem of keeping food, water and dated products fresh.  No need to replace the entire kit when some items expire.  Just purchase a replenishment kit containing all of the items with an expiration date.  Products can also be registered at to request automatic replenishment or to sign up for a courtesy reminder to update the food, water and perishables.

Ice-Qube Baby (SRP $169.00) addresses the special needs of newborns and infants by providing a collection of baby first-aid, hygiene and comfort products in one exclusive package.  For use for every difficulty from a "bump in the road" onward, Ice-Qube Baby is a thoughtful gift for new parents, grandparents, daycare facilities or any child caretaker.  The comprehensive, lightweight kit is portable and offers protection and flexibility for use in any emergency situation, big or small.

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions is also addressing the special needs of four-legged family members who are often overlooked in emergency planning.  Ice-Qube Dog (SRP $89.00) and Ice-Qube Cat (SRP $89.00) keeps everything you need to care for your pets in an emergency organized in one complete compact box.  From a blanket and a toy to a first aid kit and proper nutrition, your pet will be as safe and comfortable as the rest of the family.  Ice-Qube's pet emergency products make an excellent gift and aid in any emergency from boarding pets in a hurry to protecting them in any unexpected disaster event.

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions is relaunching it's website to coincide with the introduction of the new products.  Information on all six new products, along with the Ice-Qube Luxe and Ice-Qube Essential that were brought to the market last year, will be available on-line at  Additionally, free emergency planning materials including ICE (in case of emergency) plans, ICE contact cards, pet ICE plans, baby ICE  plans will be available on the site.  The ICE planning tools are included as part of the ICE-Qube Emergency Preparedeness products.

All of the new Ice-Qube Preparedness Solution products will be showcased at the New York International Gift Fair, Booth #1001.  Visitors to the booth will receive a free family ICE emergency plan.  For more information, contact Leslie Fastenberg at 516-650-7690 or visit the company website:

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions is a Long Island, New York company that offers premium, easy to customize, emergency and disaster preparedness solutions and systems for individuals, families, corporations and local municipalities. The Ice-Qube product line was developed by Leslie Fastenberg, a suburban "soccer mom" from Old Westbury, NY who, while researching emergency preparedness products for her own family was inspired to develop a more comprehensive, practical and efficient kit than what was available on the market. Tapping into the international recognition of the ICE (In Case of Emergency) campaign which involves entering an ICE contact into cell phones, and packing all the products in a signature "Qube", led to the unique company and product names.

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6 Pack Instant Cold Compress, 5 Compress/Pack, 4 x 5 by FIRST AID (Catalog Category: Office Maintenance, Janitorial & Lunchroom / Well Being, Safety & Security)

6 Pack Instant Cold Compress, 5 Compress/Pack, 4 x 5 by FIRST AID
Instant cold compress refill for ANSI-compliant first aid kit. Temporarily relieves minor pain and swelling for sprains, aches and sore joints. No pre-chilling required. Width: 5 in; Depth: 4 in; Number of Pieces: 5; For Use With: First Aid Stations and Kits or Individual Use.

Price: $ 50

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Demand for Self Diagnostics and Treatment

As claims are published that NHS waiting times are up, so is the demand for self diagnostics and treatment Whereas it is revealed that hospital patients are waiting on average longer for treatment than when the Labour Government first came into power, First Aid Warehouse is offering some great deals on medical equipment and accessories for home treatment.

The Telegraph recently published an article claiming that on average hospital waiting times are up despite extra spending by the Labour Government. Discussion regarding the accuracy of the report continues, but rightly or wrongly, this form of continued negative publicity for the NHS is certainly unsettling the nation.
Figures published in 2006 clearly shown an increase in the trend towards self diagnostic and treatment by consumers for minor ailments and injuries at home. Negative publicity is undoubtedly driving factor in the increase demand, but self treatment at times, has even been encouraged by the Government and industry lead initiatives in part to relieve pressure on the NHS.

With a wealth of information now available by means of the internet, advice lines and publications etcetera, it is no surprise that people are looking to these sources for diagnosis and advice rather than having to wait at accident an emergency department or for an appointment at their doctor's surgery. As well as the abundance of medical information, the increased availability of first aid kits and products, diagnostic equipment and other medical equipment also makes it much simpler for the patient consumer to treat and manage injuries and ailments by themselves at home.

Shopping online with First Aid Warehouse is a simple and secure method of purchasing essential first aid products, diagnostic equipment and other medical equipment that is delivered direct to the door. The highest quality at the lowest prices, are offered to the general public as well as medical professionals and the wider care industry.

This Press Release  is brought to you by First Aid Warehouse,  UK's premier supplier of the omron m7 blood pressure monitor as well as  medical equipment, first aid kit , blood pressure monitors , medical plasters, medical furniture, burnshield dressings and stethoscopes.

First Aid Warehouse Limited
7-11 Popple Street

First Aid Warehouse is the UK's premier supplier of medical equipment and accessories. A one-stop shop for high quality, great value First Aid Kits, Blood Pressure Monitors and First Aid Equipment and Medical Furniture for medical professionals and the care industry and the general public.

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H1N1 Personal Protection Kit - Deluxe

Love your pets? Be prepared! H1N1 personal protection Kit deluxe for your pet. Your pet should be protected from H1N1 virus.

Price: $ 45

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Availability of First Aid at Home

The main focus of the 2008 RoSPA National Home Safety Congress will be the role of regulation in helping to reduce accidents in the home. But with over two million home accidents per year resulting in hospital visits, should another key area of consideration be the availability of first aid at home? Aware of the statistics and types of injuries, First Aid Warehouse have tailored a specific range of first aid products for use in domestic environments.

RoSPA are preparing for the 2888 National Home Safety Congress to be held on the 11 th and 12 th of November 2008 and the main question for the conference is; ‘Can regulation provide a solution to a reduction in home injury, or are people becoming reliant on the safety equipment now available for home use?'. It is a very fair and valid question, but given the amount of accidents that occur in the home environment, what percentage of those accidents could actually be prevented through tightened or increased regulation? Perhaps the provision of first aid at home should be further promoted, as adequate treatment has got to be the next best thing to accident prevention.

Errol Taylor, RoSPA Deputy Chief Executive, said: “The home is where people want to let go and enjoy their leisure time, but sadly it is the place where they have most accidents” . It is true that the safe haven of home is where the most accidents occur, the last statistics published identified that approximately 2.7 million domestic accidents per year resulted in a visit to accident and emergency departments for treatment.

It isn't clear how many of those injuries could have been effectively treated at home if there were adequate first aid items available, but it's likely that the numbers would be reasonably substantial. There are specific first aid kits available for use in the home and domestic environment and a good selection of these can be found at . The first aid kit selection at First Aid Warehouse is comprehensive and well considered, and includes a varied range of domestic and commercial first aid kits and other essential first aid items. As the premier supplier of medical equipment and accessories, First Aid Warehouse are able to offer high quality products at low cost prices.

This Press Release is brought to you by First Aid Warehouse, UK's premier supplier of the omron m7 blood pressure monitor as well as medical equipment, first aid kit , blood pressure monitors , medical plasters, medical furniture, burnshield dressings and stethoscopes.

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