iPrepare Provides Emergency Survival Kits for 1,800 Minnesota Classrooms

iPrepare was recently awarded a large contract in the state of Minnesota. The contract was for over 1,800 emergency survival kits which will be provided to public school classrooms to help them prepare for disaster situations.  These kits contain over 12 different items for use during an emergency or disaster; such as water, whistles, safety vests, playing cards, first aid kits,  and other items.

Disasters and emergencies are an unfortunate part of life today.  Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires and terrorist attacks are regular occurrences and everyone needs to be prepared. “It is great to know that schools in Minnesota recognize the responsibility they have to keep their children safe in case of emergency.  Just having basic emergency supplies in your home, car, classroom or office can really bring you some piece of mind.” says Dave Walter, President of iPrepare. “It is especially gratifying to be able to help school children and teachers.”

The custom emergency classroom kits provided to these schools were designed to help give teachers the tools they need to help respond in case an emergency situation occurs at the school.  The kits were packed in a red backpack.  Standard kits for your school, business, car and home are available online at www.iPrepare.com starting at $10. Discounts are given for bulk purchases and quotes for custom kits are welcome. For additional information on how to prepare your family or business, contact Katie Chase or Dave Walter at 1-877-874-8492.

About iPrepare
iPrepare is a provider of quality emergency supplies for schools, businesses and homes. Their mission is to help everyone take simple steps to prepare themselves in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

iPrepare is an experienced and well-respected company in the disaster preparedness industry. For over ten years we have been providing critical emergency preparedness supplies to individuals, businesses, schools and government agencies.

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