Take the Leap! We Offer the Best Fort Worth In-Home Pet Care.

Let’s face it, since you can’t be in two places at once, it’s crucial to find a reliable Pet Sitter. Pets are happier when they are safe and secure at home, in their own environment. Providing company and regular exercise is critical to health and happiness. Boredom and loneliness lead to anxiety and destructive behavior, so exercising them will lower their stress, extend their life span, and promote a healthy social temperament. To ensure your peace-of-mind, Guard Duty Petsitters will ensure your absence is worry free! They offer competitive rates, a FREE In-Home Consultation, zero Holiday charges and they treat your pets as if they are their own.

Here are a Few of the Many Advantages of In-Home Pet Care:

Comfort – Pets are more comfortable surrounded by familiar scents, sights, and sounds.
In-Home Care – Pets will avoid exposure to illness and injury from others.
Routine – Pets love routine and will enjoy regular eating, exercise, and sleeping habits.
Crime Deterrence – Regular visits give your home a “lived in” appearance. In order to not attract criminals, we never advertise on our vehicles while on duty.
Convenience – Erases your travel to and from a kennel or boarding facility.
Peace-of-Mind – Knowing your pets are being cared for by a loving, responsible, and experienced professional will help you relax.

Guard Duty Petsitters consists of Drew and Darlene Liedtke, whom are huge animal lovers. Understanding animal health and wellness is very important when caring for pets; therefore, they are certified in Pet First Aid in case any emergencies arise. They are insured by Kennel Pro (Mourer Foster Insurance) for your peace-of-mind. They are always working on improving their skills in the areas of animal behavior, health, and training. With huge hearts, unconditional love, and unending patience for animals, Guard Duty Petsitters stand by their promise.

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