Availability of First Aid at Home

The main focus of the 2008 RoSPA National Home Safety Congress will be the role of regulation in helping to reduce accidents in the home. But with over two million home accidents per year resulting in hospital visits, should another key area of consideration be the availability of first aid at home? Aware of the statistics and types of injuries, First Aid Warehouse have tailored a specific range of first aid products for use in domestic environments.

RoSPA are preparing for the 2888 National Home Safety Congress to be held on the 11 th and 12 th of November 2008 and the main question for the conference is; ‘Can regulation provide a solution to a reduction in home injury, or are people becoming reliant on the safety equipment now available for home use?'. It is a very fair and valid question, but given the amount of accidents that occur in the home environment, what percentage of those accidents could actually be prevented through tightened or increased regulation? Perhaps the provision of first aid at home should be further promoted, as adequate treatment has got to be the next best thing to accident prevention.

Errol Taylor, RoSPA Deputy Chief Executive, said: “The home is where people want to let go and enjoy their leisure time, but sadly it is the place where they have most accidents” . It is true that the safe haven of home is where the most accidents occur, the last statistics published identified that approximately 2.7 million domestic accidents per year resulted in a visit to accident and emergency departments for treatment.

It isn't clear how many of those injuries could have been effectively treated at home if there were adequate first aid items available, but it's likely that the numbers would be reasonably substantial. There are specific first aid kits available for use in the home and domestic environment and a good selection of these can be found at www.firstaidwarehouse.co.uk . The first aid kit selection at First Aid Warehouse is comprehensive and well considered, and includes a varied range of domestic and commercial first aid kits and other essential first aid items. As the premier supplier of medical equipment and accessories, First Aid Warehouse are able to offer high quality products at low cost prices.

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