Ice-Qube Launches First Emergency Preparedness System Designed As A Gift at NYIGF

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions is launching six new emergency preparedness gift products at the New York International Gift Fair, August 17-19.  All six kits; Ice-Qube Rescue and Survival, Ice-Qube Plus One, Ice-Qube Baby, Ice-Qube Cat, Ice-Qube Dog and Ice-Qube Edibles and Perishables are part of the new Ice-Qube Preparedness System, a unique easy way to customize home emergency preparedness.

"It is exciting to be launching the Ice-Qube Preparedness System at the New York International Gift Fair" says Leslie Fastenberg, President of Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions.  "This is our first foray into retail and we are thrilled to be offering retailers the opportunity to get involved in the national emergency preparedness movement.  While our Ice-Qube Luxe model raised the bar for comprehensive emergency preparedness, our new Ice-Qube system increases the number of products and offers more modest pricing to meet the needs of our retailers."

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions is growing and enhancing its line of premium emergency and disaster preparedness kits, which were showcased at last years gift show, by offering the six new product components that can be combined to prepare any family size or meet specific needs.  The centerpiece of the new products is the Ice-Qube Rescue and Survival (SRP $239.00), a collection of quality, essential disaster survival supplies developed in conjunction with the Ice-Qube advisory board, which includes fire and safety management experts.  This product meets the standards for proper emergency preparedness set by the Department of Homeland Security Office of Emergency Management.

The Ice-Qube Plus One (SRP $29.00), an individual full set of personalized items from face mask to toothbrush, can be added to Ice-Qube Rescue and Survival to outfit each additional household or family member.  This affordable kit makes it easy to customize essential emergency supplies without having to double up on supplies not needed in duplicate.  Ice-Qube Edibles & Perishables solves the problem of keeping food, water and dated products fresh.  No need to replace the entire kit when some items expire.  Just purchase a replenishment kit containing all of the items with an expiration date.  Products can also be registered at to request automatic replenishment or to sign up for a courtesy reminder to update the food, water and perishables.

Ice-Qube Baby (SRP $169.00) addresses the special needs of newborns and infants by providing a collection of baby first-aid, hygiene and comfort products in one exclusive package.  For use for every difficulty from a "bump in the road" onward, Ice-Qube Baby is a thoughtful gift for new parents, grandparents, daycare facilities or any child caretaker.  The comprehensive, lightweight kit is portable and offers protection and flexibility for use in any emergency situation, big or small.

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions is also addressing the special needs of four-legged family members who are often overlooked in emergency planning.  Ice-Qube Dog (SRP $89.00) and Ice-Qube Cat (SRP $89.00) keeps everything you need to care for your pets in an emergency organized in one complete compact box.  From a blanket and a toy to a first aid kit and proper nutrition, your pet will be as safe and comfortable as the rest of the family.  Ice-Qube's pet emergency products make an excellent gift and aid in any emergency from boarding pets in a hurry to protecting them in any unexpected disaster event.

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions is relaunching it's website to coincide with the introduction of the new products.  Information on all six new products, along with the Ice-Qube Luxe and Ice-Qube Essential that were brought to the market last year, will be available on-line at  Additionally, free emergency planning materials including ICE (in case of emergency) plans, ICE contact cards, pet ICE plans, baby ICE  plans will be available on the site.  The ICE planning tools are included as part of the ICE-Qube Emergency Preparedeness products.

All of the new Ice-Qube Preparedness Solution products will be showcased at the New York International Gift Fair, Booth #1001.  Visitors to the booth will receive a free family ICE emergency plan.  For more information, contact Leslie Fastenberg at 516-650-7690 or visit the company website:

Ice-Qube Preparedness Solutions is a Long Island, New York company that offers premium, easy to customize, emergency and disaster preparedness solutions and systems for individuals, families, corporations and local municipalities. The Ice-Qube product line was developed by Leslie Fastenberg, a suburban "soccer mom" from Old Westbury, NY who, while researching emergency preparedness products for her own family was inspired to develop a more comprehensive, practical and efficient kit than what was available on the market. Tapping into the international recognition of the ICE (In Case of Emergency) campaign which involves entering an ICE contact into cell phones, and packing all the products in a signature "Qube", led to the unique company and product names.

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