MEDBASICS Gives 350 New Moms A Life-Saving Gift To Stop The Anxiety

On May 19th, more than 300 NYC-based parents, invited parental experts, industry press/VIPS, top mommy bloggers, and leading baby and child product/service providers will participate in The Mommybites Summit- "The Ultimate Moms' Night Out". Moms and expecting mothers will have the opportunity to shop, socialize and learn from parenting experts.  These moms will also have the opportunity to take some of that expert knowledge home with them. This year, MEDBASICS®, LLC is donating 350 Baby MEDBASICS®, books to the Mommybites Summit.

"'It is our pleasure to participate in the 2011 Mommybites Summit. We understand the worry associated with childhood medical emergencies, have created a way to stop the anxiety, and are passionate about sharing it with other parents," said MEDBASICS® CEO, Tara Summers-Hermann, RN, BSN.

So how does a book stop parental anxiety? It's about preparation and portability. The Baby MEDBASICS® book is an active part of a baby's life. According to the authors, this book was not created to sit on a shelf with baby reference books. It is small, lightweight, fits in any diaper bag, and goes everywhere baby goes because accidents don't just happen at home. It is also available as an app for the iPhone and iPad. "It's kind of like having a doctor and nurse with you wherever you go," explained Tara. "A lot of parents believe that during a medical emergency, calling 911 is all they need to do.

Although it clearly is a crucial step in emergency response, your response as a parent or caregiver can not stop there. The average ambulance response time is eight minutes. Brain damage from lack of oxygen begins in as little as four minutes and death shortly after. You simply can not wait for someone else to provide the immediate emergency care your child needs. You are your child's first responder and MEDBASICS® is there to help you respond reliably until medical help arrives."

Luke Hermann, MD, and Tara Summers-Hermann, RN, BSN, took great care in converting "medical speak" into simple instructions, illustrations and easy to follow action pathways creating the essential emergency guide that is there for parents and caregivers whenever, wherever and if ever they need it. In the non-emergent times, parents and caregivers have peace of mind knowing they don't have to worry about whether or not they will remember what to do. And according to Dr. Hermann, they won't remember everything. "Statistics show us that over 80 percent of people who learn CPR do not remember how to give CPR when retested less than six months after taking the course. We absolutely recommend parents and caregivers take a CPR course but we also know their best chance for a reliable response is a CPR course + MEDBASICS®."

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