Fast Food Retailers Commit to Healthier Products

Its good news for fast food lovers as the United Kingdom’s leading fast food retailers commit to lowering levels of salt and saturated and trans fat within their meals. This announcement is especially good news for sufferers of hypertension and high Cholesterol levels as fast foods have in the past been a no-go area due to their high levels of salt and saturated fats.  However even with the planned changes, the nature of the products will still render them as foods for occasional consumption only, but at least they won’t be quite as nasty as before.  There have also been promises made to make nutritional information more readily available by means of printed literature and details on the retailers websites.

The six main fast food retailers that have agreed to these plans are Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Wimpy and Nando’s.  All of those apart from Nando’s have already started to reduce levels of salt and saturate levels in their food and Nando’s plan to follow suit in 2009. Many positive changes are happening regarding food nutrition and quality and the major players in not just fast food, but also the major supermarkets, are making advancements in food content, food labelling and over-all responsibility for the products they produce and sell.

For people with conditions such as high blood pressure, things are starting to become more simple and straight forward when making better informed and healthier decisions when purchasing food.  It’s not going to be an over night change, but there is change in the air.

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