Wilderness First Aid Field Guide

The Wilderness First Aid Field Guide is a user-friendly, pocket-sized guide based on the latest first aid and CPR guidelines. This durable and water-resistant resource features: essential information for when medical help is more than one hour away; how to signal for help, when to evacuate, and recommended first aid supplies; “What to look for” and “What to do” tables for injuries and illnesses; prevention advice ranging from altitude illness and bear attacks to lightning strikes and tick bites; heat index and wind chill charts; and quick access to contents using an A-Z format. The Wilderness First Aid Field Guide meets and exceeds the Wilderness First Aid Curriculum of the Boy Scouts of America.

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Wilderness Medicine, 6th: Beyond First Aid

With Dr. William Forgey's comprehensive Wilderness Medicine: Beyond First Aid in hand, you can recognize, assess, and treat many kinds of medical emergencies. This fully revised and updated, illustrated text is essential reading for anyone from trip leaders, guides, and search and rescue groups to EMTs, paramedics, and physicians who must provide immediate care when access to a medical facility is difficult or impossible. Learn how to survey, assess, and stabilize the victim and the medical situation, what questions to ask to gain necessary vital information, how to manage physical symptoms as well as care for wounds and orthopedic injuries and much more.

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Wilmar Deluxe Roadside Assistance Kit

Zippered case with integrated reflective triangle - 8 feet 10 gallon. Jumper cables for light autos. 2 ton 14 feet tow rope (1,333 pounds working load). Krypton flashlight (two AA batteries included). Also included: pliers, 2-in-1 screwdriver, bungee cords, rain poncho, first aid kit, gloves, ice scraper, tire gauge, knife, cable ties, and electrical tape. Detailed contents - 150 ampere 10 gallon 8 feet (2.4 meter) jumper cables, 6 inch (152 millimeter) slip joint pliers, 2 inch 1 Phillips/slotted screwdriver, black electrical tape, 10 pieces 9 inch (228 millimeter) cable ties, 2 pieces 18 inch (457 millimeter) bungee cords, rain poncho, 16 pieces. First aid kit, 1 pair knit gloves, Krypton flashlight (2 AA batteries included), ice scraper, pencil tire gauge, 2 ton 14 feet (4.2 meter) tow rope, snap blade knife, nylon zipper case with reflective triangle.

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Wilderness First Aid - Emergency Care For Remote Locations

Wilderness First Aid: Emergency Care For Remote Locations, Third Edition Provides Information On How To Handle Common Injuries And Illnesses When Medical Care Is An Hour Away Or More. Designed For Those Who Work Or Travel In Remote Locations, This Comprehensive Guide Will Teach You What To Look For And What To Do In The Event Of An Emergency, And Direct You To The Most Appropriate Type Of Care. Completely Revised, The Third Edition Contains Updated Information On First Aid Training And Complies With The 2005 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) And Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Guidelines.

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