Wilmar Deluxe Roadside Assistance Kit

Zippered case with integrated reflective triangle - 8 feet 10 gallon. Jumper cables for light autos. 2 ton 14 feet tow rope (1,333 pounds working load). Krypton flashlight (two AA batteries included). Also included: pliers, 2-in-1 screwdriver, bungee cords, rain poncho, first aid kit, gloves, ice scraper, tire gauge, knife, cable ties, and electrical tape. Detailed contents - 150 ampere 10 gallon 8 feet (2.4 meter) jumper cables, 6 inch (152 millimeter) slip joint pliers, 2 inch 1 Phillips/slotted screwdriver, black electrical tape, 10 pieces 9 inch (228 millimeter) cable ties, 2 pieces 18 inch (457 millimeter) bungee cords, rain poncho, 16 pieces. First aid kit, 1 pair knit gloves, Krypton flashlight (2 AA batteries included), ice scraper, pencil tire gauge, 2 ton 14 feet (4.2 meter) tow rope, snap blade knife, nylon zipper case with reflective triangle.

Price: $42.99

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