Demand for Self Diagnostics and Treatment

As claims are published that NHS waiting times are up, so is the demand for self diagnostics and treatment Whereas it is revealed that hospital patients are waiting on average longer for treatment than when the Labour Government first came into power, First Aid Warehouse is offering some great deals on medical equipment and accessories for home treatment.

The Telegraph recently published an article claiming that on average hospital waiting times are up despite extra spending by the Labour Government. Discussion regarding the accuracy of the report continues, but rightly or wrongly, this form of continued negative publicity for the NHS is certainly unsettling the nation.
Figures published in 2006 clearly shown an increase in the trend towards self diagnostic and treatment by consumers for minor ailments and injuries at home. Negative publicity is undoubtedly driving factor in the increase demand, but self treatment at times, has even been encouraged by the Government and industry lead initiatives in part to relieve pressure on the NHS.

With a wealth of information now available by means of the internet, advice lines and publications etcetera, it is no surprise that people are looking to these sources for diagnosis and advice rather than having to wait at accident an emergency department or for an appointment at their doctor's surgery. As well as the abundance of medical information, the increased availability of first aid kits and products, diagnostic equipment and other medical equipment also makes it much simpler for the patient consumer to treat and manage injuries and ailments by themselves at home.

Shopping online with First Aid Warehouse is a simple and secure method of purchasing essential first aid products, diagnostic equipment and other medical equipment that is delivered direct to the door. The highest quality at the lowest prices, are offered to the general public as well as medical professionals and the wider care industry.

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