Disaster preparedness has a new face

Muse creations LLC Announces the release of the online shopping portal, ready set go kits, on July 6, 2009, as a response to local and national emergency Manager promised a 72-hour emergency kit for homes and businesses.  Fueled by the increase of natural disasters nationwide, ready set go kits are prefabricated and as an easy way to prepare homes, offices, cars and even pets.

"The first 72 hours after a disaster are crucial for the personal preparedness.  Previous disasters, such as Hurricane "Katrina" showed that not every household can reach emergency responder within the first 24 hours.  Through the preparation of your home and business for the first 72 hours, a disaster a disadvantage rather than a tragedy. can make,"said Amy Sandoz, owner of the ready set go kits.

Through pre-made emergency kit offers for purchase hopes ready set go kits, preparing for disasters, which only a simple click away.   The kits are based on guidelines developed by the national emergency management and non profit organizations.   They are necessities like food and water, as well as flashlights, gloves, and a rescue blanket.

"Really ready to go from the kits," Sandoz said.  "they come in a sturdy backpack and have room to pack a change clothes, shoes, medicines, or anything that you want to have with you in an emergency situation."

Kits range in price from $22.99 to $187.50 for a 10 person Office defense standby Kit and are available for sale online at http://www.readysetgokits.com.  For more information about how you prepare for disasters you can find at http://www.readysetgokitsblog.com or via e-Mail at info@readysetgokits.com with additional questions.

About ready set go-kits: ready set go kits an e-commerce site is that with prefabricated disaster preparedness kits for home, business, cars and pets.

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