The HSE Myth of the Month

The Health and Safety Executive clears up the confusion on whether or not an adult can put a plaster on a child’s minor cut. For some time there has been an unsubstantiated, but strongly believed rumour that adults (other than a child’s parents) cannot treat and apply an adhesive plaster dressing to a child’s cut or wound.  We have heard stories of teachers and child minders being told to ask permission before treating a child’s minor injury and even having to ensure a range of authorization forms have been completed and signed off by parents.

The HSE have pointed out through their ‘Myth of the Month’ that we have been worrying unnecessarily about treating and applying adhesive dressings to childrens minor wounds and states that “there is no rule saying a responsible adult can’t put a plaster on a childs minor cut” and that “The important thing is to clean and cover the cut to stop it getting infected”.   

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