Parents Need Better Knowledge of First Aid

A research project in Devon has identified that nearly half of parents cannot deliver basic first aid.  The St John Ambulance Service warns that during the summer break, accidents at home could be more serious than they need to be. The survey carried out by the leading plaster brand Elastoplast, identified that almost 75% of parents in the North Devon area would be confident in dealing with bruises, cuts, grazes and nosebleeds.  Just as well really with these being the most common injuries sustained by children.  

However, confidence and ability plummeted when faced with chocking, broken bones, head injuries and other more serious incidents. Other reposts and studies have shown that the number of injuries sustained by children do increase during the summer months, possibly due to the fact that children are more active and have receive less supervision from grown-up’s.  A proportion of these accidents need not to, but could prove fatal due to a lack of first aid skills amongst parents.  The Eleastoplast survey found that one in ten parents had been in a real life emergency situation and had not known how to help their child.

All this reiterates the need for parents to undergo some form of first aid training or to at least keep first aid manuals and equipment in the home.  First aid training can be expensive and classes difficult to attend but a first aid guide or manual can be studied over time and kept to be referred to should an emergency first aid situation arise.

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