E-firstaidsupplies launches a Medicare Advantage Site For Over the Counter advantage programs

e-firstaidsupplies.com, known for their diverse line of quality first-aid kits and medical supplies, is now introducing a new website www.otc-benefits-program.com/in order to promote its services as a provider of over the counter medication benefit programs.  The launch of this program was brought on by the recent expansion of this industry and the company's current strengths as a distributor of these types of supplies.  E-firstaidsupplies is very pleased to be able to offer this service as OTC medicines can be used to reduce the number of doctor and hospital visits a person must and reduce growing health care costs.

E-firstaidsupplies.com was launched in 2002 as the internet retail division of Fieldtex products. The company is dedicated to selling premium first-aid equipment and medical supplies to the general public as well as distribute bulk supplies to large organisations. Benefit management has been little known or recognized part of the company for the last 4-5 years. But with the launch of www.otc-benefits-program.com/, the company hopes to change this.

The lack of OTC medicines in Medicare members home costs potentially Medicare billions of dollars every year in physician and hospital visits, there could have been avoided if patients used OTC medicines to treat less serious aliments or for problems that they fail to treat and later requires a trip to the emergency room.

You can find more information about Fieldtex Products Inc.:

Fieldtex Products Inc. was founded in Rochester, NY in 1973. In the last 38 years, Fieldtex is continuously grown and evolved into a strong company that it is today. "At Fieldtex, we are constantly adding new products to our inventory and expanding our product base," said Sanford Abbey, President and owner of Fieldtex Products, Inc. And their hard work and success has not gone unnoticed-in 2010 they were named one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine!

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