Red Cross in School and the Next Generation Lifesavers

There has long been a discussion on whether first aid should be taught to children in the school environment.  If basic life saving skills were included in the curriculum, children would be equipped with the life-long knowledge of how to react and effectively deal with emergency situations.  This is of course a benefit to the individual but if such a wide increase of first aid skills were to happen, every singe person within the UK would benefit and pressure would be relieved from emergency services.

The Red Cross who remain a one of the world leaders in general and first aid have been educating youngsters through various schemes and initiatives for years.  The British Red Cross actively gets involved at any opportunity to educate young people in the benefits if first aid and life saving skills.  

The Red Cross has recently spent time teaching first aid in the Churchfields Secondary School in Swindon with marvellous results.  Jane Cooper, the first aid marketing officer said “We were looking for a school to work with and the way Churchfields has involved peer educators is brilliant. We wanted this scheme to act as a role model for other schools and it definitely will.”  Jane then went on to add “Successfully introducing first aid into the curriculum requires – above all – enthusiasm and dedication, which Churchfields School seems to have in abundance.”

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