Medique first aid Kits announces the Apollo security is now available for holiday through Web store

With the holiday season fast approaching, many are wondering, just as gifts to give to whom and a first aid kit for use in emergencies is the perfect gift for anyone.  Apollo security is pleased to announce it is now offering Medique first aid kits even its Web store. Having the right first aid kit is essential to ensure preparedness for almost every potential scenario.  Available in 61, 88, 120 and 136 piece sizes, Medique first aid kits are filled to the brim with bandages of various sizes, gauze, tape, disposable gloves, burn cream, emergency thermal blankets, aspirin and non-aspirin tablets and other elements, making it ideal for home, Office or vehicle.  Kits range from $ 12.50-$ 32.58.

Most people do not think about first aid kits until they need one, so give one as a gift is a smart and practical element that can be used for camping, sporting events, children's playgrounds, kitchens and in many other situations.  In fact, when you have a first aid kit in the event of an injury, the chances of infection can be reduced and healing time may be faster if used anti-bacterial ointment and bandages and medical attention sought immediately. In the event of a serious or life-threatening emergency please go to the emergency room or see a doctor.  Medique first aid kits are not intended to replace medical assistance in emergencies.

Apollo security is a leading security and technical equipment provider in New England and serving of courier all over the United States and internationally.  A veteran-owned small business of John and Tracy Carvalho, Apollo security is reliable security provider, carries a full line of quality products and tools for work in dangerous environments.

Apollo security has been serving the security industry, when John and Tracy Carvalho started the company in 1995. In a little over a decade, Apollo has grown to be a leading security and gas detection equipment distributor for New England and the east coast.

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