Poll Reveals Lack of Knowledge of First Aid Procedures

The results of a recent survey by the St. John Ambulance Service, St. Andrews Ambulance Association and the British Cross shown that although the majority of people would be willing to help in an emergency first aid situation, the bulk of them wouldn’t actually know what to do.

When the situation is serious enough for cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Isobel Sternfield a spokeswoman for the St. John Ambulance claims that things can be made any worse and that something is better than nothing.  She said “If someone's not breathing, they're not breathing. If you don't do anything, they're still not breathing, but if you do something you will be giving them a chance.”

Of the just under 2000 people that were surveyed, only 23% of the people actually knew how to perform CPR properly.  This statistic further enforces the rational behind other campaigns run by the likes of the Red Cross to promote first aid techniques and training.

Where actual training is not available or an option, first aid guidance books and leaflets can provide all of the necessary information for someone to effectively apply first aid or emergency resuscitation.  Perhaps these skills should be taught within schools as standard curriculum.  Being equipped with the right skills and knowledge can make the difference between life and death.

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