CMC Government Services Is Now Stocking SAS First Aid Kits

CMC Government Services is an authorized distributor of SAS products and is proud to announce the arrival of the new line of SAS First Aid Kits.  For almost three decades, SAS Safety Corporation has been manufacturing and supplying products and equipment designed to make workplaces safer. At SAS Safety Corporation they are dedicated to providing quality products that protect and preserve the most valuable resource on earth: people!

CMC Government Services wants to help your family, company, office or team be prepared for an emergency.  The new first aid kits are available in four sizes: a personal kit, a 10-person kit, a 25-person kit and a 50-person kit. The personal kit has 39 pieces and meets the ANSI Z308.1 standard. It contains an assortment of practical, single-use disposable items to treat injuries in a sanitary and simple way. This compact, lightweight kit that is ideal for travel, personal sports and recreational needs. If can easily fit into a purse, backpack, toolbox, athletic bag or glove compartment.

The 10-person kit is a 75-piece assortment and is designed for use in the workplace for up to 10 employees. It meets the ANSI Z308.1 standard. This kit contains an assortment of practical, single-use disposable items to treat injuries in a sanitary and simple way. All items come in a compact, lightweight kit that that is easy to carry and store. It is ideal for small offices, light industry, contractors and job sites.

An assortment of 125 pieces comes in the 25-person SAS First Aid Kit.  It is ideal for light to medium industry, sports teams, contractors, and construction sites. It also meets the ANSI Z308.1 standard and comes in a convenient lightweight kit. The largest portable SAS First Aid Kit available from CMC is the 50-person, 234-piece kit. It is a comprehensive deluxe kit that contains various first-aid supplies for treating common injuries, wounds and burns. It includes additional varieties of bandages and dressings for medium to heavy industry and construction sites up to 50 employees.

CMC Government Services is offering these multi-use and important to have on hand first aid kits for a very low price and offers discounts on the purchase of bulk purchase of first aid kits. These and other Emergency Preparedness Items can be viewed and purchased at

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