Vegetable Oils May Reduce the Risk of Heart Attacks

It has been identified that healthy vegetable and fish oils can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and can lower blood pressure. First Aid Warehouse, the UK 's leading online supplier of blood pressure monitors are delighted to offer health vitamins and supplements within their newly extended product range. Two studies recently published by the American Heart Association indicate that the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids found in some vegetable cooking oils and fish was associated with reduced heart attack risk and eating omega-6 fatty acids was linked to lower blood pressure for healthy people.

Associate professor of Shiga University of Medical Science, Katsuyuki Miura said “Our findings indicate a favourable influence of linoleic acid on high blood pressure, a well-known cardiovascular disease risk factor. These results lend support to current recommendations for increased ingestion of polyunsaturated fatty acids from vegetable sources, in place of saturated fatty acids from animal sources, for cardiovascular disease prevention.”

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