ParaPak – “Be prepared…for all your travels”

BANG! Web site design is pleased to announce an updated Web site for ParaPak at

ParaPak specializes in unique and innovative Emergency Kits and Survival Kits for all Outdoorsman, Adventurers and World Travelers alike.

The ParaPak Web site was launched in early 2010 by Eric Parry, a Personal Security and Survival Specialist. Eric has drawn upon his wilderness experience as well as his USMC background and more recently his work overseas. He has operated globally, in Third World countries, war zones and disaster areas.

ParaPak is proud to use "Made in the USA" high quality brand names in their Emergency kits and Survival kits. The purchase of ONE ParaPak Emergency Kit supports over two dozen U.S. manufacturers of their components, contributing to recycling the American dollar and rebuilding our economy!

ParaPak has new products coming online in 2011. Watch their website for the ParaPak VEST. They also anticipate their new Vehicle Emergency Kit to be available before the end of the year.

Have a question about ParaPak, contact them today to find out more about their Emergency kits and Survival kits.

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