Emergency Disaster Preparedness Goes Live

On Monday, City of Los Angeles Controller Laura Chick said her just completed audit of the city’s preparedness for large-scale emergencies and health crises “cries out for a coordinated, constantly up-dated, state of the art strategic plan.”

“I want the public to know that the City of Los Angeles is not as well-prepared for a widespread disaster as we need to be and as we can be,” she stated.

Surveys by emergency preparedness officials of several other large cities found they have concerns about some of the same issues that Los Angeles faces. These officials said they will be studying the Los Angeles audit to ascertain what recommendations and actions might be applicable to their own cities and surrounding communities.

These findings support for the need of individuals in our country and throughout the world, to prepare for natural and man-made disasters. There is both historical and now recent proof that our government is not ready to rush to our aid. Should a 7.8 earthquake hit along the San Andres or New Madrid faults or should another category 4 or 5 hurricane hit one of our coastal cities there will not be immediate life-saving support. Unless you prepare for such events yourself you risk pain, suffering and possibly death. We must all help ourselves first and then reach out to help our friends and neighbors to help and support them.

The question of how to prepare is on many people’s minds. But how to prepare is not very clear. Yes there are lists and lists that you can find with suggested supplies. Yes it is possible to go from store to store and get food and water as well as the other goods. However, it becomes a chore that according to statistics most Americans are not doing. Only 27-32% of American households are ready for such disasters.

http://www.SurvivalKitsOnline.com has recognized the need for a clearer path to emergency disaster preparedness and has taken up the challenge by making their survival experts available via online customer service chat. Now you can simply ask any questions you may have regarding emergency disaster preparedness and have a real time conversation with someone who can help you sort it all out.

Typical questions include: “Where do I start? Which kit would be best for my family? Should I have a kit in my car? And what should I do for my pets?”

“At Survival Kits Online our knowledgeable staff is able to assist while educating the customer” says company partner Chad Allen. “Through our extensive research we are able disseminate information to our customers and help make sense of it all”.

SurvivalKitsOnline.com has had a web presence for the past 3 years and has a retail store in West Hills California. They have pre-made survival kits and also create custom kits for many of their customers. The number one goal of the company is saving lives while making emergency supplies and survival kits that are affordable for everyone.

Hopefully, our cities, states and country can get the much needed organization it will take to deal with the problems at hand. Emergency disaster preparedness for each individual is as essential as a spare tire in you automobile. Everyone aggress that you can’t drive around with out that spare tire and no one can ignore the need to prepare.

Survival Kits Online is an on line retailer dedicated to helping individuals, business and government agencies prepared of both natural and man-made disasters.

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