New online store isn't just about commerce, it's about empowering women

When Stephanie Schriger decided to start her online store, "It wasn’t just about selling safety products, it was about attitude as well. A Real Tough Cookie is a woman who is not afraid to be feminine and strong at the same time." she states. This has been her outlook in her personal and entrepreneurial life. With that in mind, she decided to start a business empowering women to take care of themselves by selling defense and safety products in an appealing and informative way.

"Most people think about taking care of themselves in terms of a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise etc. If women really want to take care of themselves, then they need to be ready to protect themselves too. It may be unpleasant to think about the bad news we read about like crime or assault, but these incidents are realties, even in places considered to be safe. Carrying pepper spray, personal alarms or a high powered flashlight at home or out and about, are sensible things to do. Learning to incorporate self protection devices into ones daily routine, builds confidence, and may prevent personal injury or worse. sells a variety of these products, which are of high quality and affordable too." says Schriger.

Additionally she comments, "Even though these products have negative connotations, I liken them to an insurance policy or a fire extinguisher. You have them just in case of emergency, but hopefully will never have to use them. Plus, our products are available in attractive colors and concealed as pagers, lipsticks and even jogging weights. They are a must for joggers, hikers, college students, those who live alone or are just out late at night."

In addition to her online store, Ms. Schriger, has partnered with local security specialists in the Seattle area, to offer private in-home workshops for small groups presenting tips, advice and product sales. Presentations to businesses and community organizations are also available. Additionally, information to demystify product and usage is available on the site. Be sure to read her blog for more information too.

Real Tough Cookie sells self protection and home security products such as pepper spray, emergency kits, etc. in addition to promoting personal safety seminars in the Seattle area. Our focus is on helping women protect themselves, but our products and information can help everyone.

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