More Prepared Provides Emergency Survival Kits for 11,500 Texas Senior Citizens

More Prepared LLC was recently awarded four large municipal government contracts in the state of Texas. The contracts were for 11,500 emergency kits which will be given to seniors in their respective counties.  These kits contain over 30 different items for use during an emergency or disaster; such as food, water, radio, flashlight, protective gear, first aid items and personal hygiene supplies.

Emergencies and natural disasters are an unfortunate part of life in the world today.  Earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, blackouts, chemical spills and potential terrorist attacks are regular occurrences and everyone needs to be prepared.  “Just having a comprehensive survival kit in your home and car goes a long way to making you feel some peace of mind.” says Mina Arnao, President of More Prepared.  “It is especially gratifying to be able to help senior citizens prepare because many are on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay for these extras.”

The Custom Emergency Kits provided to these seniors were designed to help sustain one person for three days and comes packed in a vinyl cooler bag.  Standard home, car, school and business kits are available online at starting at $12.  Discounts are given for bulk purchases and quotes for custom kits are welcome.  For additional information on how to prepare your family or business, contact Mina Arnao at 888.RED.PAIL (888.733.7245).

About More Prepared

More Prepared is a provider of quality emergency supplies for schools, businesses and homes.  Their mission is to help everyone “Protect Their World” in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

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