Medical Guides Releases Travel & Childhood Health Books

Travelers need information at their fingertips to help guide them in preparing for travel or when they are away from home and faced with a medical problem.  Parents need to know when to be concerned about their child’s complaints, risk factors for serious disease and injury, how to initiate treatment for medical problems and where to find help for illness and injury.  Compact Medical Guides LLC has developed books, ebooks, kindle books and handheld applications with the non-medical professional in mind.  Their newly released products (The Parent’s Compact Guide to Acute Childhood Illness & Injury and The Traveler’s Compact Guide to Health, Illness & Safety) were written by medical experts to aid travelers, parents, and the general public in making medical decisions when they are on their own.

Their books, ebooks, kindle books and smartphone applications are inexpensive, easy to read and contain up to date information supported by evidence based medicine relying heavily on proven scientific research and consensus from published medical experts. Hundreds of valuable contacts, resources and references are interspersed throughout their products.  

The main author, Steven G Rothrock MD, FACEP, FAAP has cared for over 150,000 children, adults, and travelers.  He has edited several textbooks, served as a reviewer for several major medical journals and authored over 150 book chapters, peer reviewed medical publications and abstracts.  Compact Medical Guides, LLC ( is dedicated to providing inexpensive, easily accessible, easy to read health information via books, ebooks, kindle books, and smartphone/ipad applications to assist the public with their medical needs.  

To keep the public better informed, the editors periodically will publish free, online, thoroughly referenced articles regarding important and timely health issues for the public, parents, children and travelers. (

About Compact Medical Guides: Compact Medical Guides believes knowledge is power. Our goal is not to replace your doctor but to provide you with medical facts so that you can be informed when making medical decisions. With our products, you can begin the process of taking care of you and your family's health needs. Our books and applications ( were created with the non-medical profession in mind. Our products were written to aid travelers, parents and the general public in making decisions about preventing and initiating treatment for common and uncommon diseases and injuries. Thoroughly referenced free reviews about important topics also will be periodically published on our website.

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