250 students die needlessly each year

Each year more than 250 peace our children die every year due to undiagnosed cardiac arrest.  Tragically, some of them to suffer arrest in schools, the very place we believe to be safe, but we can save so many of these guys for the cost of 2 p per student per week!

Sudden cardiac arrest has brought to our attention recently by the tragedy that turned the miracle of Fabrice Muamba, who brought the capacity crowd in a soccer match of the premier league to a halt on 78 minutes when he died almost on the pitch of heart seizure, highlighting the fact that you don't have to be big to suffer cardiac arrest.

Now, fortunately, has fully recovered, and recently brought tears to everyone's eyes by getting married. But if the physio s on the pitch did not have an AED (automated external device) then that the story could have ended much more tragic. The defibrillator is a small portable device, simple and easy to use, basic education.

However, the Government was slow to insist that all schools have an AED on the one hand with the first aid kit. Fabrice Muamba has recently visited the Parliament to help the cause of parents, teachers and school administrators, including 60 members to get a law passed making it compulsory.

So far only 80 approximately 30,000 schools in the United Kingdom have an AED. Many public buildings, including railway stations, shopping malls and stadiums should have defibrillators on site that can be used to support high quality CPR and restart the hearts of 300,000 people who suffer cardiac arrest each year in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Jan Till, consultant paediatric cardiologist at the hospital, electro Physiology Brompton tube of basil,
He added: "a sudden cardiac arrest on a child is devastating and extremely difficult for everyone.
An AEA gives this boy a lifeline, and the parents and teachers know that they have done everything
possible to increase the likelihood that a child survivor. "

If you're a parent may be recommend to contact your school to ask if they have an AED?

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