ArriveNEWS Continues To Keep Facilities Safe With Its New First Aid Supply Guide

The online industrial expo organizer, publisher of various engineering, IT and manufacturing publications today introduced its  Industrial Safety Equipment & Supplies Directory at The company, founder of the International Industrial Trade Show (IITS 2011) said the moderated and human edited publication includes a wide selection of personal safety equipment, first aid kits, electrical, construction and fire safety products as well as working gloves, harnesses, eye goggles, eye wash fountains, ear plugs, and other items to help keep workers safe from accidents and hazardous materials.

The personal safety directory enables manufacturing, construction and other companies the opportunity to compare occupational safety supplies, equipment and personal protection products from national and worldwide Industrial Safety Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors serving all states nationwide as well as dozens of countries at According to ArriveNEWS spokesman Alex Jones (no relation to the radio host), the site includes safety harnesses, welding gloves, eye, ear and head equipment, respiratory protection, standard and custom packed first aid kits, dust masks, safety glasses, hard hats, back support belts, industrial safety training videos, exit signs, fire extinguishers, disposable globes, protection clothing & accessories as well as a large variety of related products.

“The large majority of industrial safety equipment and supplies offered on is compliant with OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) standards from gas detectors, electrical & fire safety products to hazardous storage rooms, slip-proof rubber matting, training materials and other solutions to help avoid industrial accidents,” said Jones. He continued, “ArriveNEWS plans to utilize its online industrial trade show to showcase various safety and security products for manufacturing facilities, construction sites and other industrial workers.” Jones can be reached for additional information at or by visiting the company contact page on its website.

About ArriveNEWS, a division of Industrial Leaders is an online industrial expo organizer and producer of the International Industrial Trade Show (IITS 2010). The site utilizes a simple platform to showcase its exhibitors by using online videos to demonstrate a wide range of innovative industrial equipment, machine tools and technology offered by manufacturers across the globe with emphasis on products made in the USA at

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