Be Safe Plus LLC Launch of New Website

Be Safe Plus LLC is an online retailer of safety products for  home, business and leisure. The new website features a large selection of products for Emergency Preparedness, Fire Prevention, First aid, Home, Office, Outdoors, Senior, Child, and Pet Safety.  Orders and inquiries are welcome from individuals, schools, or businesses.  Be Safe Plus also has a fundraiser program for small groups and organizations to raise funds using First Aid Kits and other emergency safety items.

The user friendly interface allows customers to browse through all of the product listings or specify by product type, keyword, or category.  Customers will find that many new products have been added to the Be Safe Plus inventory.  Additional products will continue to be added.

About Be Safe Plus LLC

Be Safe Plus LLC , established in 2003 is an online business that emphasizes the importance of being prepared for the unexpected.  Be Safe Plus also has a facebook and twitter presence.

Be Safe Plus LLC http:// is an online business that specializes in safety products for home, business, leisure, emergency preparedness fire prevention, first aid, outdoor, senior, child & pet safety

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