First Aid Manual

U.S. Army needed 400 years of experience to write these 230 pages. There cannot be a better first aid manual.

CHAPTER 1. FUNDAMENTAL CRITERIA FOR FIRST AID General Terminology Understanding Vital Body Functions for First Aid Adverse Conditions Basics of First Aid Evaluating a Casualty

CHAPTER 2. BASIC MEASURES FOR FIRST AID General Section I.Open the Airway and Restore Breathing Breathing Process Assessment of and Positioning the Casualty Opening the Airway of an Unconscious or not Breathing Casualty Rescue Breathing (Artificial Respiration) Preliminary Steps—All Rescue Breathing Methods Mouth-to-Mouth Method Mouth-to-Nose Method Heartbeat Airway Obstructions Opening the Obstructed Airway—Conscious Casualty Opening the Obstructed Airway—Casualty Lying Down or Unconscious Section II. Stop the Bleeding and Protect the Wound General Clothing Entrance and Exit Wounds Field Dressing Manual Pressure Pressure Dressing Digital Pressure Tourniquet Section III. Check for Shock and Administer First Aid Measures General Causes and Effects Signs and Symptoms of Shock First Aid Measures for Shock

CHAPTER 3. FIRST AID FOR SPECIFIC INJURIES General Head, Neck, and Facial Injuries General First Aid Measures Chest Wounds First Aid for Chest Wounds Abdominal Wounds First Aid for Abdominal Wounds Burn Injuries First Aid for Burns Dressings and Bandages Shoulder Bandage Elbow Bandage Hand Bandage Leg (Upper and Lower) Bandage Knee Bandage Foot Bandage

CHAPTER 4. FIRST AID FOR FRACTURES General Kinds of Fractures Signs and Symptoms of Fractures Purposes of Immobilizing Fractures Splints, Padding, Bandages, Slings, and Swathes Procedures for Splinting Suspected Fractures Upper Extremity Fractures Lower Extremity Fractures Jaw, Collarbone, and Shoulder Fractures Spinal Column Fractures Neck Fractures

CHAPTER 5. FIRST AID FOR CLIMATIC INJURIES General Heat Injuries Cold Injuries

CHAPTER 6. FIRST AID FOR BITES AND STINGS General Types of Snakes Snakebites Human or Animal Bites Marine (Sea) Animals Insect (Arthropod) Bites and Stings First Aid for Bites and Stings

CHAPTER 7. FIRST AID IN A NUCLEAR, BIOLOGICAL, AND CHEMICAL ENVIRONMENT General First Aid Materials Classification of Chemical and Biological Agents Conditions for Masking Without Order or Alarm First Aid for a Chemical Attack Background Information on Nerve Agents Signs and Symptoms of Nerve Agent Poisoning First Aid for Nerve Agent Poisoning Blister Agents Choking Agents (Lung-Damaging Agents) Cyanogen (Blood) Agents Incapacitating Agents Incendiaries Biological Agents and First Aid Toxins Nuclear Detonation

CHAPTER 8. FIRST AID FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL REACTIONS General Importance of Psychological First Aid Situations Requiring Psychological First Aid Interrelationship of Psychological and Physical First Aid Goals of Psychological First Aid Respect for Others’ Feelings Emotional and Physical Disability Combat and Other Operational Stress Reactions Reactions to Stress Severe Stress or Stress Reaction Application of Psychological First Aid Reactions and Limitations Stress Reactions

APPENDI X A. FIRST AID CASE AND KITS, DRESSINGS, AND BANDAGES A-1. First Aid Case with Field Dressings and Bandages A-2. General Purpose First Aid Kits A-3. Dressings A-4. Standard Bandages A-5. Triangular and Cravat (Swathe) Bandages

APPENDI X B. RESCUE AND TRANSPORTATION PROCEDURES B-1. General B-2. Principles of Rescue Operations B-3. Considerations B-4. Plan of Action . B-5. Proper Handling of Casualties B-6. Positioning the Casualty B-7. Medical Evacuation and Transportation of Casualties B-8. Manual Carries B-9. Improvised Litters

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