Emergency Essentials HQ Debuts

Virgil Stanphill, internet marketer, is pleased to announce the launch of his new website, Emergency Essentials HQ. Emergency Essentials HQ is the brainchild of Virgil Stanphill, an internet marketer who has spent most of his past 25 years in business and ministry. Virgil said, "After seeing one disaster followed by another in different parts of the world, I've grown more and more convicted of the need to protect my family from being caught off guard and trapped in an emergency - trapped without knowing what to do. I created Emergency Essentials HQ to help families and individuals who feel the same need to prepare."

Emergency Essentials HQ helps people feel  more in control of out-of-control situations. Whether  a disaster  is natural, man made, or accidental makes  no difference. It''s always best to be prepared!

Many people stood helplessly by and watched the  horrific damage caused by recent earthquakes and  tsunamis, as they took their toll on human life and  property. Flooding in New Orleans, snow and freezing  temperatures in the south, mudslides, landslides,  hurricanes, tornadoes, and more, are gruesome  reminders of  how vulnerable we really are. Add to  that the very real threats of food shortages, hyperinflation, rising energy costs, power grid  failures, potential acts of  terror and constant  rumblings of war - and there are far too many  scenarios which could place a family in peril.

Emergency Essentials HQ is an online resource which  helps people take control and realize peace of mind  by making advance preparations to carry them through an emergency situation.  

EEHQ begins with the basics - like understanding  priorities and taking care of probable needs one at a  time. They encourage families to make a plan, and  suggest they begin by familiarizing themselves with  good first aid practices. This includes having a working knowledge of the most critical first aid supplies to have on hand - and creating a place for quick, easy access to it - that everyone in the family knows about. Next is to create a  plan for suitable water for drinking and hygiene. Then food, then clothing, and then shelter.

Those who visit the site will also find access to an Online Video Survival Course that covers nearly every imaginable disaster a person could end up facing.

Stanphill said, "I''m confident that as a result of visiting our site many people will find the answers they need, and, they will learn how to prepare for an emergency or a disaster, should they ever be confronted with one."

To find out more about Emergency Essentials.Com, visit http://www.emergencyessentialshq.com.

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