E-Learning that closes the gap for distance education

Recent changes in the delivery of available ways for compulsory courses such as: food safety, fire safety and the health and safety means that companies with limited time availability or staff now to choose the learning as a viable option and to obtain recognised qualifications.

E-Learning allows flexibility with customers the way they offer learning in private, which means that there is less production down-time, and most importantly, the student gets to learn at a time and place of their choosing.

Gail Devlin, MD, at T & G training says "we are excited about the opportunity to work with clients with non-traditional way using products from Highfield. Our new E-Learning courses closed the gap for the paper based distance learning because students work at their own pace and get immediate feedback online ".

T G training based on & Northeast England and deliver courses in food safety, first aid and HACCP in national and international companies.  Book our courses 01913000232 or visit our website http://tandgtraining.co.uk/news/for more information.

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