Dimensions Hosts Workplace Well-Being Seminar

The luncheon will provide an overview of how to create a social work environment that fosters innovation, engagement, knowledge sharing and a general sense of well-being. Relationships define the well-being of the individual and collectively define the well-being of the organization. The degree to which an organization is either highly functional or dysfunctional is dependent upon the civility or incivility of these relationships. Simple guidelines, when implemented, dramatically improve company culture. The seminar is hosted by Dimensions' principals, Karen Mastroianni and David Machles who will explore the theories that support this framework and what companies can do to enhance organizational well-being. Their guidelines address how people think, act and relate to others.

Raleigh-Durham HR professionals and corporate safety, health and wellness experts will learn how knowledge-sharing makes work groups more collaborative, engaged and innovative. WakeMed, GlaxoSmithKline, Cisco, Biogen and SAS are just a few of the companies registered to learn these methods.

“Employees want to be engaged,” said Mastroianni, currently an Adult Education and Human Resource Development doctoral candidate. “If they're able to work autonomously and creatively they become engaged.” The number one reason for employee turnover is poor or unhealthy working relationships. Mastroianni will discuss ways to foster fulfilling work environments and increase employee retention.

“We have found that employees are embedded within an organization and culture not through the typical organizational chart, but through social relationships. These relationships define the well-being of the individual and collectively define the well-being of the organization,” said Machles, who also teaches organizational change at NC State.

The Workplace Well-Being Seminar takes place at Mez, located at 5410 Page Road in Durham's Research Triangle Park area. The seminar begins at 10:30AM on Wednesday, June 29th and includes a complimentary lunch. RSVP is required in advance by contacting Dimensions at 919.676.2877. Only registered guests may attend. Tax-deductible donations are encouraged and may be made at guests' discretion. Funds will be donated to the Triangle American Red Cross.

About Dimensions-OHS
Dimensions provides employee safety and management systems to create a culture of sustainable well-being. Based out of the Raleigh-Durham area, Dimensions has been an advocate of health, wellness and safety since 1991. Their programs effectively engage employees through initiatives focused on four scientifically-researched themes, mindful skills and special techniques that foster trusting, respectful and collaborative relationships in the workplace. The results are increased productivity, fewer injuries, decreased absenteeism, and enhanced relationships. Dimensions’ health and safety professionals include NC OSHA Special Star Team Members and Certified Occupational Health Nurses with advanced degrees in Occupational Health & Safety and Organizational Development. www.dimensions-ohs.com

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