First Aid Bodily Fluid Clean Up Pack

A convenient kit that contains all the necessary content for a very compact body fluid pick up, the First Aid Only Bodily Fluid Clean Up Pack is portable and easy to store. Personal protection against body fluid spills, small enough to be included in first aid cabinet or convenient location. About First Aid OnlyFirst Aid Only is not only their company name - it's what they do. For the past quarter century, they've worked to be out in front in bringing first aid solutions to customers. They make all of their kits here in the USA. It's the only way they know how to assure the quality of every item that goes into the kits. And by supporting American jobs, everybody benefits - customers, community and country.

This approach has served First Aid Only well. It's allowed them to sell more than 100 million first aid kits and inspired them to find new ways to deliver innovative first aid products to the nation. Products like SmartCompliance Cabinets and Emergency Response Centers are changing how businesses look at first aid while, at the same time, providing quality care for employees. Their commitment to trust and responsibility has led to a special relationship with the American Red Cross. Together, they're pioneering new initiatives that will enhance first aid and emergency preparedness throughout the nation. They're proud to make products that carry the Red Cross, a mark that for a century has symbolized care.

First Aid Only is committed to support one another not because it feels good; it's just smart business. Kit Contents:1 - Disposable gown w/full sleeves 1 - Eye shield with ear loop mask 1 - Fluid control solidifier pack, 21 gm 1 - 8'' Biohazard scoop 1 - 24''x24'' Biohazard bags, 10 gallon 1 - 8''x12'' Clear plastic bags 2 - Twist ties 2 - 5''x8'' antimicrobial wipes 1 - Disposable towel 1 - Exam quality vinyl gloves, 1 pair 1 Bodily fluid pick-up guide 16-piece kit in metal case. Personal protection body fluid spill kit. Compact bodily fluid pickup kit.

Price: $24.99

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