Why Everyone Should Know CPR

If you are going to be around other humans, at any point in your life, knowing CPR can be a very valuable tool.  Not to mention, it looks great on job applications, and makes you a more well rounded and knowledgable person in general.  And in this economy, anything that you can do to increase your chances of getting and keeping a job, is a step in the right direction.  Think of all the times in your life where emergency medical care has not been readily available.  Camping, hiking, and long road trips, etc. are a few examples of times where knowing CPR and basic emergency medical skills could save someones life.

As our society ages and the "Baby Boomer" generation hits it's peek, the need for medical care will increase historically.  And with this increase come the need and demand for workers in the medical field.  All position in the medical field require CPR certification. Obtaining CPR and First Aid certification is a simple and inexpensive process.  Check out www.cprclass.org for more information and get your certification today!

About EMS University, LLC:

A team of certified Paramedics with extensive hands-on experience in performing actual CPR. EMS University, LLC began in 2003 with a vision of improving CPR education worldwide. Initially, there were many doubts regarding the online education environment and its utilization for emergency skills and other healthcare training, however, with the advancement of online education tools, we believe that we may assist with the delivery of instruction so much that the benefits far outweigh the detractors.

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