Doc's First Aid Guide - A Must!

This 68-page booklet, is available for electronic download and in print. It contains easy-to-follow instructions on how to deal with the more common medical emergencies. For each first-aid situation listed, there is a description of the problem, a list of signs and symptoms, and instruction on what to do and not do in each situation. It includes such topics as how to handle a heart attack, stroke, seizure, head trauma, and a poisoning emergency. It outlines important first-aid techniques, such as CPR, the log-roll technique and recovery position.

A sample Emergency Information Sheet, listing all the important numbers is included, as is a list of what should be kept in a first aid kit. Information on how to protect yourself from bloodborne pathogens, such Hepatitis and AIDS, is also included. Available through Barnes & Nobles, iBooks, Smashwords and Amazon.You'll be able to download the first 20% of the books for free. Reasonably priced from $7.99 - $9.99.

Handal is a nationally and internationally known emergency medicine physician.  She authored “The American Red Cross First Aid & Safety Handbook” and co-authored a series of medical textbooks.  A frequent host and co-host on talk-radio health shows, she has also appeared on CNN and the Today Show. Her website spreads ‘medical common sense’ to all. Her iTunes channel ‘DocHandal Speaks! Listen up is a weekly podcast. She is medical expert for ‘Dr. Oz’s Sharecare’. Her “Medical Emergencies in the Workplace” video won a bronze medal in the International Cindy Competition and was a Telly Award finalist. Her "Trauma Run"  video, available in Spanish and English for grades 2-6, teaches children how to respond in a medical emergency.

The latest in her “Doc’s Guides” series, “Doc’s ER Guide”, provides valuable insight into how an Emergency Room operates so that readers can get the best treatment possible. Preparation is key and this booklet provides valuable tips on what to do.  

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