Practice before passing the time ...

While the nation suffers from rising inflation, rising prices of & deficits, there are some areas where our alertness can store only crores in rupees, but invaluable lives.
Did you know? India suffers a stunning blow of Rs. 1 lakh crore-every year due to road accidents, according to the report of the International Federation. In accordance with design studies Committee during 2001-2003, which is almost a decade ago, total losses to the economy due to road accidents in the year 1999-2000 was pegged at Rs. 55,000 crore-, some three percent of the country's GDP. This means that the losses almost doubled in the last decade. The losses take into account the costs associated with the victim, damage to property and administration costs.

What can we do?

? Stop drunk driving-though the police do its job of our moral responsibility to follow the rules to the letter, because spirit & when we're behind the wheel, we are not responsible for our lives, but others on the road as possible.

? Is active – if you witness an accident, take the initiative to call the ambulance waiting for someone else to lead to wasted time during this critical time. Simply call 1300 or 108 at this juncture is all it would take to receive immediate assistance.

? Wait for an ambulance – in severe cases, it is better to wait for an ambulance as the paramedics are equipped to handle the victims in emergency situations, thus avoiding further damage. Before the ambulance arrives point provides basic first aid will also minimize the loss. Now a days the ambulances are equipped with the latest technology to run/treatment Original scans, on the way to the hospital, so it's the difference between living & death.

? be patient-irritability, roads and low regard for traffic rules, by both motorists and pedestrians are a common sight these days. The rules are learned as a child are still valid. Starting out early for the target will lead to a happy move for everyone.

? to be safe: a helmet makes you not only safe, but also adds to your look. Grab one of the series of durable and well-designed ones and get ready to turn heads. Remember to fasten your belts YOU if you're behind the wheel or sitting in the passenger seat. (PS: do not forget the ISI approval ?)

Most of the problems we face can be resolved by performing a little discipline on our part. And in this case, not only will save crores, for our economy, but the priceless smile of the child, the joy of a wife a family safety &. The author Dr.  Vaishali is a veteran in the medical response AMBULANCE from hospital services limited healthcare Ziqitza, pioneer in the field of emergency medical services response.

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